Winter Self-Care: This Season Can Get Me Down!

These are the months where I can easily find myself in a FUNK.

Even if we have been seeing the sun and warm temps a little longer here in MN, I can already tell that I want to crawl into my bed a LOT earlier and sleep the days away.

Most winters I can feel the funks coming on.  This one is no exception.  But I loathe that feeling.  Where you sort of get yourself in a pattern of talking about how icky winter is and how you can’t wait for spring.  And how your mood is off and funky.

So, I’ve actually been thinking ALOT about this through the summer, of all seasons.  I notice that I always feel best with a little movement in my day.  So, while I was happily walking and moving more in the summer because it’s easier, I made a sort of plan for winter this year.  And I’m rolling it out a little bit right now to see how this all goes.

Typically, during summer, I’d lift about 3 times per week, of sort of intense training program or moderately intense program, depending on the week and the load.  A lot of walking during the week just to be outside.  And a few separate sessions of short kettlebell swinging/snatching days, usually, again, to be out in the sunshine.

To be honest, at the moment, I don’t have the drive to do all that.  Plus, right now….I just don’t want to do all that.  I did a lot of work all last winter, and then took a little break after the RKC, but still actually managed to keep quite a load of workouts going during the summer.  So, I sort of want to slow it the heck down for a while.  Plus, my body says slow it the heck down right now (which is funny, because last fall/winter it said go balls to the walls).

But how do I do that and keep movement in to keep the icky winter feelings at bay?  So far, I’ve REALLY dropped the volume of my training program, and picked just five things I want to work on (maybe I’ll write a separate post about that soon too).  I’m doing that program in the 50-80% of my normal weight ranges, only I’m doing it about five days per week.  So, I’m getting my lifting in, but the intensity each day is not as great (actually, it feels super EASY), and I’m done with my lifts in 20-35 minutes.  This might sound like a lot of days in the gym to some people, but I own the gym….so I’m there at least that many days per week, and many of those days I have these tiny little time frames of downtime where I’m in between clients or classes, so actually this fits in sort of perfect for the moment.

In addition to this, I’m also trying to keep a lot of walking outdoors into the mix as I can.  Outside seems to be a huge thing for me, even if the sun isn’t shining.  Just getting the fresh air for a bit seems to help, but it REALLY helps when the sun is shining.  So, I’m shooting for about five outdoor walks a week.  Mostly because I need that dose of movement to help me feel less funky, and mostly because the outside thing really does seem to help me with that.  This is sometimes easy walking, sometimes brisk walking, and already has seemed to help tremendously.

Writing.  Writing blogs, writing in my gratitude journal, writing in my regular journal, reading a short devotion and THEN writing.  Just plain writing.  Not typing, writing.  Writing is relaxing for me and helps me sort through things somehow, even if I’m not writing about what I’m feeling.  So that really has helped me.

Re-learning a skill.  I played piano for a lot of years.  Life happens, and you get busy and have a kid, and find other interests, and some of those old skills fall by the wayside.  I’m spending a few minutes at the piano twice a week.  This is interesting to me, because I have a habit of only playing things that I can make sound good, and not playing anything else.  Or completely avoid those songs that require “counting” because I don’t already know what they sound like.  So, I’m trying to improve on things that I have never improved on in the past.  And, huge learning here…..playing piano is exactly like movement.  In movement, you can hide a lot of flaws and weakness by going fast.  You can do that playing the piano too :).  You really only “own” movement when you can slow it WAY down.  Same is true for piano!

Wednesday is now self-care day.  It is super easy to avoid self-care stuff like journaling, devotions, or whatever the heck is a part of your self-care practice.  I actually learned this skill from my coach through the RKC.  Dedicate ONE day and one session to “check-in” and see how you are feeling.  Of course, for that training plan, it was more physical self-care than anything.  So I’m making Wednesdays self-care day for body and mind.  Wednesdays are the days I will do soft tissue work when needed, all the OS resets, foam rolling, and a good stretch, as well as checking in with my mental state too….the journaling, devotions, having quiet time, etc.  I also have a few restorative yoga playlists saved on Youtube as well, should I need some inspiration.  My thought is that even if I miss a string of days of my normal routine, at least once a week I’m making an effort to get back to my happy place.

So, here is my recap:

  1. Move often – for me it is easy lifting and walking about five times per week, for you this might look different depending on what YOU like.
  2. Writing – again, this works for me.  If you hate writing, it probably won’t work for you, so find something that YOU love or that relaxes you or helps you center.
  3. Learn or re-learn an indoor skill.  Not everyday if that’s overwhelming, maybe a time or two per week.  Keep it light and fun if you can, so you look forward to it instead of loathe it (and then avoid it).
  4. Dedicate one day as self-care day for body and mind.  So that if you avoid some things alllllll week, at least you have one day where you know you will nail it and get closer back to your center.

I plan on checking in on my own winter funkiness with you all this year.  I think this is a topic that tends to get avoided because people feel like they are fatally flawed if they get the funks during this part of the year.  Nope, it really IS a thing.  No need to feel weird about it.  There are ways to help manage it.  Sometimes that might mean seeking out your health professionals advice, and sometimes it might be as simple as prioritizing things that help you find your center.





Are You “Doing”……

Are you doing Paleo?

Are you doing low carb?

Are you doing the 21 day no sugar challenge?

Are you doing *insert that lame Pinterest or Facebook 30 day challenge floating around*?

Oh jeepers, am I ever getting tired of hearing people talk like that.

We don’t have to “do” anything.

I don’t know about you.  But I do deadlifts.  And eat food.  Today I was thinking about a Snickers since I woke up this morning.  So I ate a Snickers.  Not an #herbasuck shake that “tastes” like a Snickers.  Not a “healthy homeade” Snickers made up of ground peanuts and black beans and fake stuff to sort of taste like a Snickers.


I ate a freaking snickers.  Did my workout like normal, no “extras” because I was “naughty” and ate “off plan.”  I enjoyed the Snickers, and my workout today, and then literally just moved on with my life.

End of story.

Let’s stop “doing” diets and programs.

And just start living.

The end.

On Being Present: Or Rather, Being RESPECTFUL Of My Time

I started writing about how I was working on being present a few months ago.  Read it here if you’d like.

Updates – I deleted my “weekly color coded schedule.”  Life isn’t ideal schedules.  I have also spent some serious time being addicted to my phone, and then the last few months actually being very annoyed by it after coming off a fun technology shutdown challenge.  I maybe still overuse it, but sometimes I just leave it put or turn it on silent.  For the most part, I keep it by me during certain periods of the day, but many periods, and after 9pm, it is either on silent or do not disturb.

Facebook, you guys, doesn’t matter.  Neither does Twitter, or IG, or all those things.  Are they fun?  Yup.  But they are too much sometimes.  That is a hard pill to swallow for me though.  And I’m sure others.  They are FUN, and light hearted (well my feed is….I deleted all those “dear diary” complainy peeps from my feed).  But they aren’t real life.  They don’t rank up to all the fun faces and attitudes and potty training that we are going through in my house right now (and even though some of those things are not always FUN, the experiences themselves are fun).

The other thing that is really driving home right now is that I only have so many hours in a day.  We all do.  Time is the most valuable currency.  I am blessed to get to spend it a lot more freely than I used to, and in a way that really adds to the quality of my life.  I have a lot of things during the course of my day that are amazing and awesome.  I don’t have a job I loathe, or things like that.  But nonetheless, I don’t have oodles of “discretionary spending” in the time budget.

Which brings me to a really huge eye opener.

I am not willing to spend my discretionary time budget on things I “should” do.  Like, spending time with people that I might know but not connect with.  Or spend time away from real family and real friends that enrich my life for things that don’t add value.  Or…..the biggie…..I’m getting less and less and less willing to spend that time on things that aren’t real and true, or things that create anxiety and stress and ick.  Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

But how much of that stuff do we all potentially have in our life?  Lots, it turns out.

My husband, my daughter and I have the luxury of a lot of time together right now.  It was “weird” at first.  Because we don’t normally have that, all the sudden BAM no more routine because we have a new routine.  So we didn’t know what to do for awhile and it was weird and a little stressful because it felt like we were stepping on each other trying to get to the fridge, and do the laundry and all that jazz.  But then, we pretty much started going out to breakfast alot in the mornings when it worked, and then we started figuring it out and having fun (although……our kitchen is still not big enough for the three of us).


Maybe some of these things (becoming a hermit and holing up in my house with my family) make me a jerk to some.  I am “busy” a lot of the time.  And maybe I appear lazy when saying no.  I don’t really care right now, and maybe that will change in the future.  I am perfectly content doing what I’m doing.

Do you want to hear something REALLY interesting?  I am learning that I’m not driven to have the biggest deadlift, or to run Tough Mudders, or to be the strongest person in the weight room, or be super athlete person.  I am motivated to go lift in the gym because that is where I find the most clarity in my life, the most energy, the most positivity, and the most fierceness.  That is where I learn the most about myself – whether the weight on the bar is 50 pounds or 250.  I want to train because it MAKES MY LIFE BETTER, not because it makes me a better lifter.  My life is NOT what I do in the gym.  That was an interesting little tidbit when that was suddenly realized.   And to be honest, I’m falling in love with being the best MOVER I can be, NOT the person who can move the most pounds in one workout.  Interesting little turn of events here, all this is (but if I’m lifting in a public gym and there is someone lifting next to me, you can still bet your ass I will compete allllllll day with that person, even if they never know it).

So whatevs.  This is how we are rolling right now, and it feels good.  I feel AMAZING not having weekends booked out with “activities” for a month at a time.  I’m A-OK with that.  I would be a hair better if we saw our immediate families a hair more (although we are farm families so this time of year is always like this), and a close friend or two a hair more, but this is good right now too.

Life PR’s

You guys, I write about food or food drama, or fitness like every post.

Buttttt……there is just so much more to life that what the scale says.  SO. MUCH. MORE.

I dig me a good PR in the gym, maybe crushing a deadlift heavier than I ever have, or swinging a heavier bell, or whatever.  But really, for me….the gym is becoming WAY more about being better at life than being a better lifter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym time.  But the gym and the weights are sort of where I sort things out internally, so that life seems less complicated when I put the bells away.  You know?

So, I guess……I’m challenging you to think beyond the gym.  Beyond the weights.  Beyond choosing what goes on your plate.  Beyond what jeans size you are in right now.

What about your LIFE PR’s?  

I’m really thinking about this lately.  It can be SO easy for me to get into a routine and get stuck there, not looking forward at what’s to come and striving for great things, not looking backwards and learning lessons and appreciating how far I’ve come.  Oh, and not being present.  I’m really thinking about this a ton lately.

I think we can really celebrate our LIFE PR’s a variety of different ways.  Those big ones like a huge promotion that you worked your tail off for….well we can SEE those, and that’s awesome.  But what about the ones that give you peace in your heart and mind when you just choose to forgive and forget and move forward?  Or the ones that help you KEEP the quality of your life intact by helping you set boundaries around your time so you know you always have your priorities in order? I’m talking about alllll those things.

Think about it, what kind of LIFE PR’s can you celebrate right now?  Reflect on them.

What would happen if we really start to focus on making our life SO FULL and shift away from “I am desperately trying to get back into the jeans I wore in high school?”

It’s so awesome to deadlift our own bodyweight, but does that REALLY matter if we can’t sleep at night because we are so stressed out from feeling out of control in our life?  Does it really matter if we can press a 28kg with one arm if we can’t see and enjoy what is happening right in front of us?

Not really.

What are YOUR Life Pr’s?


Why I Can Never Go Back To “I Can’t Eat That”

It makes me sad to think that I spent a lot of years “fearing” food.  Probably something like 50% of my vocabulary was….

“I really shouldn’t eat this……”

“I can’t eat this, it isn’t on my plan.”

“I can’t have this until cheat day.”

“I earned this because I worked out 6 times this week!”

“Well…..maybe I CAN eat this, because I worked out 6 times per week AND skipped the birthday cake with my coworkers the other day.”

“Maybe if I just tweak my favorite ooey gooey brownies recipe and include Greek yogurt to jack up the protein, blend in spinach for veggies, and substitute flour with black beans, and finish it all off with a nice dose of cocoa…..I will make my favorite brownies healthy!” (except, you note, that they taste like tar and you can’t force yourself to throw them away after trying them because you feel even MORE guilty for wasting food).

Food guilt is a completely worthless, unproductive, NASTY demon.  Just like those people you need to unfriend or unfollow on Facebook, it is HIGHLY dramatic.  Making a food choice suddenly turns something as simple as “Oh, that sounds like a delicious addition to my lunch” to “I can’t!  I shouldn’t!  If I eat that there is a good chance I will KEEP eating it and gain 87 pounds by Sunday!”

The problem with good guilt is that it keeps you in a trap.  Because you constantly feel “bad” or “remorse” for making a choice, you find yourself trying to be “good” after or the next day.  Until the next situation crops up, and you repeat the cycle.  Over, and over, and over you are “good” and you are “bad” which sort of implies that your character might now be associated with the food choices you make.

You guys, we HAVE to get past this.  It is a possibility to just choose your food, eat your food, enjoy your food, and move on.  It doesn’t HAVE to be a constant dramatic cycle that ties up all your energy in determining if you are a good person or not whether you say no to a donut or yes to carrots.

I have really been working my tail off on this one this past year.  Saying no to food drama, that is.  I just can no longer tie up my self-worth in my food choices.  I don’t want to be that person.  Actually, I don’t like this word, but I CAN’T be that person any longer.  It’s just too unhealthy for me, and I don’t want to waste any more dang energy on whether or not I should try and “be good” or “on plan” or “eat clean” or “earn a brownie.”  THIS IS NOT EASY.  I’m sure I will always be working on this in some form or fashion.  Feeling my way through this has sometimes brought on even MORE emotion and drama for awhile until I realized, HEY!  This DRAMA….this is my CLUE that stuff is going down and I need to step back and take a deep breath and not buy into this little game.

I regularly eat a bunch of protein, veggies, and carbs each day.  I also regularly include smaller (and sometimes not small) super fun things that one might call “treats.”  Sometimes, I find myself with a yummy pork chop, baked potato, and green beans on my plate, with a handful of Cheetos, or a glass of red wine.  Sometimes my snack is a trip to the bakery with my kid and we dine on donuts (and I knock back a Diet Coke, because Diet Coke + donuts is actually a cure-all for anything that ails you).  This was a MIND GAME for me for awhile because I was constantly faced with “off plan” things.  Until it started to become my norm, and these things were very much available if I wanted them.  This allowed me to begin to trust myself with eating them and not literally going hog wild.  I also sometimes skip them altogether sometimes because I don’t want them, and then find myself eating a bigger treat every few days.  I mix and match this throughout my week as I see fit….as I trust myself to see fit.  I have ultimately learned to give myself the benefit of the doubt and TRUST ME.

I’m not saying this is how YOU should solve your food guilt.  I think the first step for many people is to actually just be aware of the thoughts and words going through your head when presented with those situations that might create it.  You will definitely begin paying attention to how you talk to yourself.  I think the next steps then depend on how YOU want to operate or what YOU think you should do.  The thing I WOULDN’T do is actually be more strict.  If anything, I’d opt for less strict and a more relaxed approach around those foods that create that crazy guilt in the first place.

I absolutely cannot go back to the days of food guilt crazy for me.  I just can’t.  I need my energy for life, for lifting, for my family, for blogging sassy things, and for whatever I see fit that ISN’T a bunch of useless food guilt drama.

I would seriously love to hear your thoughts on this.  Leave me a comment if you would, or leave me a Facebook comment.  I am all ears on how you have gave food guilt the boot (or still work on it!).


Serious Questions Again

Hey all!

I have another set of serious questions for you.  I’d seriously love to hear your responses, either via a comment on this blog, or if that’s too public, by shooting me an email at tmwellnessrevolution at gmail dot com.

These questions are related to your relationship with food.  Maybe with food guilt.  I would love your honest answers, without any sugar-coating please.

1) Do you eat food that you deem healthy because it is healthy or because you love to eat it?

2) If you eat food that you deem “unhealthy” do you feel like a failure or feel guilty?

3) In your opinion, is it more important to eat healthy food or more important to eat food your enjoy eating?

Again, if you’d be so kind as to share this info with me, I’d love to hear what you have to say.  It is really interesting to me to learn how people approach things.

My (Unsolicited) Advice On Holiday Eating

Cue the social media sharing of articles on how to negate alllllllllll that Halloween candy you just ate.

Or, how you should “Burn the Turkey” with these seven special calorie torching moves designed to suck the fat right out of you.

Or….eight sensible workout moves that will help you blast fat during the holiday season so you can look svelte for 45 seconds during your Christmas parties while you slam booze to avoid conversation with the coworker/crazy aunt or uncle/annoying neighbor that you don’t want to be at a Christmas party with anyway.

Can we do better than that this holiday season?  So that when the clock strikes midnight at your New Years Eve party….you aren’t plotting out all the ways you are going to become “the new you” to undo your Christmas cookie eating, and instead, roll into the New Year going….hey, I already ROCK!

Here is my unsolicited advice on eating around the holidays, the Cliff’s Notes version.

There are maybe, like….three to five days of potentially not your everyday eating patterns.  Enjoy them.  Eat the pumpkin pie.  Enjoy some Christmas cookies and holiday “cheer.”  And move on without guilt.

That’s really my advice.  Eat, enjoy, and forget about it and return to business as usual the next day.  Don’t try to “diet” or “be good” your way through this season.  That implies that you are “bad” if you eat a Christmas cookie.  That’s silly, because Christmas cookies are delicious and only come around once a year.

If you want me to break this down into check-list format because you are a little Type A like me… goes:

  • On “business as usual days” be sure your meals are well balanced with a bunch of lean protein and veggies and complex carbs.  Like….enough to feel like you’re eating a meal and to keep you going strong for about four hours or until your next meal.
  • On “business as usual days” be sure to include a snack or two if you are hungry for it.
  • On “business as usual days” be sure to move your body as you usually do, but my preference would be to lift because I think lifting is awesome.
  • Every few “business as usual days” don’t forget to eat a small treat or two to remind you that life really rocks, and that it’s fun to savor the yummy things.  Pick something that is worthy of you and that you really WANT to eat.
  • On “holiday eating days” go ahead and enjoy.  Fill up on the proteins, maybe try and find some veggies in the spread, eat the carbs, enjoy the pie….and go to bed with a happy heart that doesn’t have nasty food guilt.
  • On “holiday eating days” if you find the time for a quick workout, feel free to complete it.  Don’t stress if you don’t find the time.  Because you will find it tomorrow.

Guess what?  You don’t have to stress over holiday eating.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal.  We don’t have to buy into the hype that we are all gonna gain 87 pounds by New Years because we ate a Christmas cookie (or….rather, a few Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees).

You know that though?  It CAN be stressful trying to “get everything done” with extra shopping and gatherings and Christmas programs and such, so I would recommend you schedule YOU time in there a few times as well.  Even if that means a half hour long bubble bath a time or two each week where you lock the door so no one can interrupt.  Or weekend naps.  Or, my ultimate favorite, say “no” to a bunch of commitments and DON’T make yourself busy in the first place if that is possible.

Final piece of advice…..wish people a Merry Christmas instead of telling them Happy Holidays.  Because Christ is the center of this season.  We wouldn’t be here if He wasn’t.

Recipe: I Heart Oatmeal

I have an obsession with oatmeal.  In college, my friend got me a Quaker oatmeal bowl set.  I still have it, and use it almost everyday.

I was at a workshop a few weeks ago and the instructor asked each participant what their favorite breakfast was.  We heard the usual….donuts, pancakes, eggs Benedict.  I was the Lone Ranger that said oatmeal.  I feel like everyone thought I was a lame-o, but I don’t just make nasty oatmeal, I generally make “loaded oatmeal.”

Here is the basic building blocks of an ideal bowl of oatmeal in my opinion……1/2 c oats (Quaker tastes better than generic), and 1 c Fairlife 2% milk.  This combo alone has about 20 grams of protein.

After that, the options are endless…….


One whole banana, 1/2 c frozen blueberries (after oatmeal was cooked I stirred in the fruit mix-ins and cooked for another 30-60 seconds).  Then, I drizzled a tad bit of honey over the top.


Same concept but traded raspberries for blueberries.


And again, but with strawberries (and I ALWAYS use my oatmeal bowl!).

These last three were surrounding workouts so it’s basically carbs on carbs.  FUN!

But here are some other ways I eat oatmeal:

– a diced apple and walnuts in the cooked oatmeal and cooked for another 60 seconds, with a drizzle of brown sugar or maple syrup

– a handful of frozen mango, and maybe a smear of coconut milk

– half a banana, handful of chocolate chips, and a little dollop of peanut butter

– frozen peaches!

– trade out half the regular oats for steel-cut oats or another fun grain like quinoa or wheat berries

The options are endless.  Oatmeal is a whole grain, and combined as I have above, is SUPER FILLING.  Plus it’s one of those meals that sticks to your ribs and gives you that nice constant supply of energy.

If I need more protein alongside this (usually  I do), I usually slap a double whammy of protein powder in 8oz Fairlife chocolate milk, and I will also sometimes eat a handful of raw veggies alongside this (and I also sometimes forget to).

OMG, do you love oatmeal?  Let’s make oatmeal a thing!

Serious Questions For You

You know what?  I have some lovely readers of this blog.  And I’ve been wondering and asking myself some questions lately (and I’ve asked a few of my clients these same questions).

But seriously, I now have some for you.  Would you mind helping me out with YOUR answers?

Here are the questions:

 – How would you describe the person that you call “your best self?”  Are you that person now?  Are you trying to be that person?

 – Think about “your best self.”  What does that “you” do everyday that you struggle to do consistently?

 – What, if anything, is preventing you from doing those things?

Oy, you guys… many feelings for a Monday.  I know it’s after noon already, so if you have already tucked your feelings away for the day, feel free to sit on this one and come back to it tomorrow.

But perhaps if you still have your feelings out yet at this point in the day, would you mind shooting me an email on your answers?  You can email them to me at tmwellnessrevolution at gmail dot com.

Thank you so much!


Your Best Self: A Number Or A Feeling?

I coach some fantastic athletes on moving better and getting stronger.  I coach those things because I LOVE those things.  Because of those things, I have found that I have fallen in love with how I feel… I perform….how I look….how capable I am.  Literally, I feel like I am my best self.

That feeling didn’t come without struggles.  I had to learn a lot of uncomfortable lessons (most of which I write about here on my blog) to REALIZE that I AM great.  That I don’t have to fight with my body or food to be me.   That feeling doesn’t ALWAYS exist everyday, though – everyone has “those” days where you feel off, or lazy, or like a slug, or like your jeans fit funky or whatever.  But more often than not, I realize that the way I’m performing, the way I’m eating (and NOT DIETING), the job I’m doing, the family life I’m living, the way I’m talking to myself and others, the way I screw up and find my way back or learn a lesson, and the habits that I have PROMOTE where I’m AT RIGHT NOW.  And I feel like my best self.  I like this space.  I feel at home here.  And I realize that I don’t want to leave here unless I find something that serves me better, and I don’t want to go back to feeling NOT like this.

The funniest thing is………if we are going to attach this to a number, because I am a woman, and women seem to have “numbers” to attach to…….I am much heavier than what I used to *think* my best self should weigh.  So why do I feel like my best self?  Shouldn’t that not happen until 40 pounds are gone?  Why am I “there” now before I arrive “there” when I am 40 pounds less?  Did I “give up?”  Did I throw in the towel?  Shouldn’t I try harder to be less than what I am right now to find peace with that space in my head that so desperately wants to attach to a number versus a feeling?

There is a very real disconnect from that place where you feel your best and that place where you “think” you should be at a weight you “think” you need to be at to unlock that fantasy place where everything is happy all the time.  At least there is for those of us who have had a case of the diet, fitness, or body image ickies.  And some sort of reconciliation needs to happen in that space to get your brain to a place of peace with you and how you feel about it.  I think that reconciliation takes awhile and you learn it in small doses.  Maybe some of that never leaves, but you learn your way through it.  Who knows.

I’m not advocating that we all eat Cheetos and give up exercise for eight hours a day on the couch for a DVR binge.  I’m not advocating “giving up” on yourself and settling for where you are right now, or on the flip side striving to look like a fitness model and running yourself into the ground doing so if that is something that doesn’t suite your body type.

I AM advocating that you spend the time exploring all the different ways you can move your body and find the ones that YOU enjoy so that you keep doing them… that you WANT to move.  I AM advocating that you spend some time learning what kinds of foods make you feel good, and learn how to put together meals and snacks that feed your body enough, get you the nutrients you need, AND let you enjoy life…….so that you WANT to feed yourself what your best self needs.  I AM advocating that you find a place where these things crossover into your family life, your personal development, your self-care routine, your faith,  and where allllllll these things come together at an intersection that allows you to find YOUR best self.   Because one of these concepts isn’t better than the other, they are all important, and they all promote YOU.

Because I coach mostly females, and because I coach strength training, I find myself with clients who worry because their scale is 15 pounds heavier than their lightest self, or their high school self, or their self when they got married.  So, I ask the questions.  How do you feel?  How are you performing in the gym?  How is your energy during the day?  Do you feel stuffed or bloated or that you are shoving food down your throat?  How do you feel about your mindset and your personal relationships?  How do you feel when you look in the mirror?  Often times, they answer those questions positively, but still have that negative association with the “extra” 15 pounds.  But how do I know I’m just not “getting fat” instead of getting stronger?  Well……how do you know you know that 15 pounds ago, maybe that wasn’t enough for you to be your best self?  Or how will you know if you need to eat a little less to find your best self?

There isn’t a right answer.  The answer is YOUR answer.  But that answer doesn’t necessarily attach so well to a certain number on your scale, or a certain clothing size.  Where is the space where you can perform well, live well, eat well, enjoy well, and be amazing and FEEL LIKE YOUR BEST SELF?

Perhaps instead of constantly trying to attach to that number on the scale, or the tag inside of the jeans, we could find the BEHAVIOR that helps us connect to FEELING LIKE OUR BEST SELF.  And then work backwards.  How are the ways parts of my behavior needs to change to promote my best self, if it needs to change at all?  Then break that down into tiny little habits.  Then incrementally incorporate those.  Over time.

Perhaps what happens then is that we find out where we ARE our best self.  And then the number on the scale is what it is?  And for the record, that doesn’t mean you are locked into place there, either.  Your best self might feel like your best self for a while, and then you might learn some things or pay attention to some things, or have a life shift, so you find a new YOUR BEST SELF.  That’s ok!!

I can’t answer where YOUR best self is.  I can only know where mine is.  But it is very peaceful here.  So I hope you spend the time finding where YOUR best self might be.




Originally this was my journey to Tough Mudder…now it's my record of all things fitness and health!


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