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Four Ways You Could Be Effing Yourself Over Nutritionally

Eating, eating, eating.  It’s so fun.  Except, maybe it’s not fun if you feel like you keep spinning your wheels – either on the latest diet allllll day errrrdayyyyy 365, OR like you can’t quite get a grasp on what to eat to fuel AND enjoy, or find that balance.

As a nutrition coach, I’ve effed myself over PLENTY back in my day.  To be honest, many times unintentionally…..but…..I’ve gone down the rabbit hole too and clung to the next-big-thing meal plan that I could start Monday.

Because of MY history with eating, I am pretty quick to spot it all around me when I see it or hear it in passing conversation, too.  And, running a gym of lovely, strong, women….well, I hear tons of things about eating.  And coaching nutrition, I hear lots of stories like mine PLUS new ones.

Because nutrition can get messy, with all the feelings that may or may not come with it.

Are you effing yourself over_

So, I’m sharing with YOU today all the big ways that I see that you might just be effing over your nutrition game.  Because I’m a firm believer in creating awareness around things that you want to helps you CHANGE things should you need to.  I mean, you can’t know how to get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are, right?

So, let’s take a closer view to these sneaky ways you might be screwing yourself over:

  1. Riding the wild ride between extremes.  This one I would REALLY call being “low” anything (fat, carb, calorie, etc) OR, REALLY RIGID with what you “allow yourself to eat.”  Typically, motivation is high when first starting this, but then….you do it for awhile, and you find yourself wanting to eat something that ISN’T low or ISN’T rigid.  Perhaps you are able to willpower your way around eating that thing for a bit – a few days, a few weeks – until you can’t any longer.  And then you find yourself off the rails – maybe for a day, or a few days, a weekend, a week.  Until you feel like a failure and “get back on plan.”  Only the plan is the EXTREME opposite.  If you find yourself swinging wildly between these two extremes, my guess is, you know what you are doing isn’t sustainable, but you just aren’t sure how to go about changing it.  So, you find yourself……….
  2. Clinging to a diet plan.  This is probably a way of eating that has a name  – clean, Paleo, Atkins, IIFYM (if it fits your macros), flexible dieting, ketogenic, a cleanse or detox, any MLM approach, the 21 day fix, being super specific about counting of any kind, etc.  You think that by “just following this plan” will get you results that last permanently.  Maybe.  But….the problem with a plan is that most people approach them as temporary.  And because of that, they didn’t really invest mental energy in learning HOW to each, they just did what the diet said, had some success, and then went back to their old ways once it was “over.”  And it’s cool for a bit, until weight starts to come back on.  And they panic, and want to “do the diet again because it worked the first time”……so they…..
  3. Re-diet the diet.  Time to get back on that plan, yo!  It worked once, it will work again.  Until you start doing it, and realize, hey, it’s not really working as well this time.  Because….you’ve been yo-yoing back and forth between diet to non-diet.  And your body is starting to take notice and pay attention.  And it doesn’t WANT to play this game anymore.  Because you are kind of messing with your hormones, your hunger signals, and a whole host of other things each time you diet and then slide back.  And your body is starting to say effffffffff YOU.  So you…..
  4. Say eff it, and eat whatever you want.  We know eating whatever we want all the time isn’t the answer either.  Perhaps you don’t notice it creeping in, but it’s more breakfast pastries than what makes you feel good.  Or more beer that you REALLY need or even want for that matter.  Or….trying to justify your food choices by doubling down on exercise even HARDER to “make up for it.”  There’s a whole host of ways that this one can happen.

It’s a cycle, yo!  And a not fun one.  You might identify with one of these, or even ALL of these.  I’ve effed myself over every stinking one of these ways PLUS some others that I don’t have time to write about today.

What helped me was to say eff diets in general and sorta figure out eating with the help of some key nutrition habits.  I could no longer let myself cling to safety in another plan, or diet, or being super strict, because….well…it wasn’t freaking working anymore.  I FINALLY committed to doing the hard work of really just learning HOW to eat in a habitual way that made me feel good and that I didn’t have to think about so much anymore.  Simple?  Oh hell yes.  Easy?  Hell to the no!

This did NOT happen overnight.  It happened over daily practice that turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years.

So, I FEEL YOU on wanting to cling to a new diet, but I also want to tell you…’s SO MUCH BETTER this way.  Yup, I took the marathon versus sprint route, BUT, I trust myself and my food choices now.  AND, I’m confident enough to say I can tweak things should I want to, depending on my goals….WITHOUT heading back into all those self-sabotaging ways.  I have so much extra mental energy that is NOT spent on food choices, and is instead invested in my LIFE.

Drop me a comment and tell me how you are marathoning it right now versus sprinting with regard to nutrition.  I’d love to hear :)

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News Flash: Bodies Change

You guys, did you know that bodies change?

Like, they literally don’t stay the same size or shape FOREVER.

Bodies change. Duh.

Bodies change. Duh.

It’s true!

I mean, I’m one example living it right now.  I’m in week 34 of pregnancy, and I can tell you that I’ve gotten less muscular, dropped 15 pounds, gained those 15 pounds back plus a few, and am changing shape BY THE SECOND it feels like.

I know a few people who have gone through some sort of weight loss or fat loss stint and their body changed too.  They either got smaller, or leaned out with more muscle definition and less body fat.  Their clothing size changed, maybe got smaller, or to be honest, maybe went up a size if they worked on growing bigger shoulders or glutes.

I know a few people who have gone through some sort of weight gain or fat gain at some point in their life too!  Clothing size may have gone up, or stayed the same, depending on the person.  Perhaps they lost a little muscle or whatever, too.

I also know a few people who have struggled with illness or disease, and THEIR bodies changed, too.  Maybe got a little frailer, a little paler.  Maybe a little weaker.  Maybe no one knows they have an illness or disease because their body DIDN’T change, and now we are all fooled.

Also, have you ever seen a spouse who just laid their loved one to rest go through body changes?  I’ve actually heard one be complimented for “looking so great” because she dropped a few pounds because she was GRIEVING over the loss of her husband.  Can you even imagine getting that compliment?

You know what is incredibly freaking important to remember?

That not ONE of these instances is better or worse than another.

I am not a “better” pregnant person because I gained less weight than someone who gained more.  We BOTH grew humans successfully.

The person who lost weight or fat is not better than the people who gained weight or fat because somehow they could “be in control” more.  Perhaps these people just had different preferences.

You know what matters in your life?  Being cool with who you are.  And realizing that you don’t need to attach your body size or weight or non-weight or WHATEVER to your self-worth.  We aren’t better or worse than someone because we have abs or don’t have abs.  You know where this REALLY comes into play?  In the comparison game.

Comparing MY body to someone else’s body and literally keeping score.

Comparing YOUR body to your BFF’s body and keeping mental score.

Comparing someone’s body you don’t know to YOUR “standard” and “personal preference.”

Judging someone by the size of their body.  Did you know that all the obese people I know literally aren’t lazy?  Huh.  Shows what social media knows.  I’m obese.  I’m not lazy.  I would also challenge the health professional that says I’m unhealthy to a lifting match.  Or to a discussion on how I’m 9 kajillion times happier and at peace with my body and my health right now than the time where some chart DIDN’T rate me as obese, but I was literally RUNNING AWAY from food on the elliptical and trying to exist on 1200 calories.

So, I think we can take a second and do a mental inventory of alllllll the times we use body size or measurements or score keeping to make decisions on ourselves and others, and JUST CHILL THE EFF OUT ON THOSE.

Tips for getting out of the defining your self-worth by your body game:

  • Unsubscribe from social media and emails that indicate OTHERWISE.  Because they want YOUR DOLLARS to buy their stuff that doesn’t work, so they can sell you MORE STUFF.
  • Have the discussion.  The awkward one, where you ACTUALLY stick up for yourself amongst someone who IS judging you by your cover.
  • Journal the shit out of these topics.  Literally, write furiously on your frustrations and how you can FLIP YOUR SCRIPT and CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.  Or, be like me, and start a blog and write them publicly!
  • Get a new doctor or health professional or personal trainer or chiropractor if THEY JUDGE YOU BASED ON YOUR COVER.

Bodies will change.  For our whole lives.  Births, deaths, stressful times, blissful times, and everything in between.  Sometimes, its a personal preference to lean up a little.  Sometimes it’s a personal preference to gain weight.  Sometimes, there is no control about either of those things happening because of other circumstances.

What about just asking ourselves what our “healthy intersection” looks like compared to eating healthy, moving a bit, AND still being in a happy place physically and mentally looks like, and go from there?

My Body: A Love Story, With Help From My Daughter(s)

The second you find out you are expecting a child, everything changes.  In my opinion, the bar is raised a bit.  Ha, not a bit.  A LOT.  Because now it’s not only you to be responsible for….we’ve upped the ante, and now it’s time to raise a productive, happy, healthy human.

BC (before children), I was already on the path of learning how to use nutrition in a HEALTHY way, and use fitness in a sustainable fashion.  I had already dealt with much of the old baggage that lingered that said “balls to the walls” in the gym everyday, and “eat to constantly shrink.”

I had only scratched the surface on my mindset though, and THAT old baggage would last quite some time.  I know (because I talk to you) that I’m like many of you.  I have the same thoughts surrounding what I THINK about my body at times as you do, and can hear that loop in my head about somehow having a body that is gross, inferior, too big, or otherwise.  I say the same things to myself too, even if they aren’t always heard by others.  I too, want to cling to the next meal plan or diet or quick fix to ‘fix’ myself into oblivion.

Except, all that mindset baggage in tow is NOT the healthiest of ways to approach raising a little human that depends on me to show her what happy, healthy, and productive looks like, is it?  Especially when you are in the nutrition and fitness business and read study after study that say things like 80% of 10-year-old American girls have been on a diet, or a third of boys and more than half of girls ages 6-8 wish they were thinner.  Because little eyes and ears are impressionable, and surely they see magazines lying around advocating always being on a quest to lose something from somewhere.  Or an infomercial claiming that in 60 days you can completely transform.  Or the next big supplement out there guaranteed to change your life.  Or when mommy picks apart her appearance in the mirror with constant pinching of body fat and self-critiquing.

So, when this happens:

2013-03-12 08.57.26

The jig is up.  It’s game time.  Because young eyes and ears are all on mommy and daddy.  And it’s no longer nice and fun to just talk about loving yourself and celebrating what your body can do, it’s ACTUALLY time to BE those things.  Because we can tell and say all we want, but we know that words don’t mean as much as walking the walk, and talking the talk.

And when you look into her little eyes…..


It’s important to see YOURSELF in her.  This little human is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen, and I could NEVER EVER tell her the things I’ve told myself in the past.  So, you begin paying attention to those things that creep into your thoughts a bit more, you become aware.

What about when she begins growing and seeing how the world operates and you want to desperately shelter her from everything so nothing can ever hurt her?  Where you want to pretend things like poor body image, chronic dieting, self-loathing, mean girls, and alllllll that jazz don’t exist?


Well, you can, for a little while.  But she’s still paying attention.  She sees how you eat and what you do on the regular.  She sees how you treat others.  She sees how you treat yourself.  She knows she relies on mommy and daddy to provide for her and to keep her safe, and the wheels are already turning and she is already emulating everything you do because she sees it day after day after day.  So you REALLY begin paying attention to what you are saying with your actions and your words.  And instead of just worrying about how YOU are being the example, you begin questioning how YOU really want to think and act and feel and say.

And when she thinks it’s fun to take a selfie…..


It’s a really friggin’ timely lesson on NOT avoiding the camera anymore.  Not so much for HER, but for YOU.  YOU need the lesson.  All she sees is mommy who is smiling and happy with her, she doesn’t see all the supposed ‘flaws’ that YOU see.  So it makes you get inside your head again and investigate all that ick that makes YOU see those fatal flaws, and begin to wonder why you think they are fatal flaws to begin with.

And when she gets a little older, and gets a little wiser on paying attention to the world…..


The ante is upped, once again.  By this time, she has seen lots of things, and experienced many of the firsts.  And she has realized that mommy and daddy are still her favorites, but they are human too, and humans do lots of good things and sometimes a few not so good things.  And sometimes realizing they are human comes with asking questions.  And asking questions faces YOU with a hard look at why you do things and realizing that hey, maybe some of those ‘things’ need to be dealt with once again.  Maybe being a member of the clean your plate club is an old shitty story in your head and not something that’s REALLY helpful for figuring out eating habits with a little one.  Maybe putting on a swimsuit makes you uncomfortable as shit today because you are having ‘a day’ but it doesn’t matter because it’s time to go to the pool and play whether or not you feel like showing off cellulite that YOU perceive as a fatal flaw for a fitness and nutrition professional.

And when it’s time for her to grow up once more, and find out she is going to be a big sister….


It’s another lesson in can we be awesome enough (rather….trusted enough) to raise ANOTHER healthy, happy, productive little human.  And when your firstborn comments on your big tummy, you realize it’s literally that she just sees a big tummy.  She doesn’t see all those words you can sometimes find yourself thinking in your head – fat, less lean, lazy, needs to workout more, needs to really tighten it up this week with eating….she literally sees a big tummy that is housing her baby sister.  She has no idea of the back story that YOU are telling yourself behind her comment, because her comment was truly innocent, and YOUR internal reaction was, well, super friggin’ dramatic……and *gasp*….not at ALL productive for YOU.

Maybe, you begin to realize, that raising daughters is just what YOU need.  Huh.  Maybe all those lessons you’ve had to learn since the first one arrived are really lessons you NEEDED at those times.  Maybe you put a lot of pressure on yourself, but maybe that helped you keep going through the lessons.  Maybe (I think parenting is always maybe, because maybe your kid will turn out, and maybe they won’t, lol…you LITERALLY don’t know until they grow up) will have taught them that it isn’t about avoiding allllll the ick out there, it really IS about choosing your reaction to it, and owning THAT responsibility and power.

Being a mom for a little girl has taught ME so many things about how I operate.  Yes, it started out as a desire to be a good example for her.  But it’s turning into the realization that I want these things for myself, and sometimes it starts with me, so I can be there for her.  I need to learn those lessons too.  And the biggest lesson I’m learning is that I get to CHOOSE how to react to things.  I get to set the tone for what goes on INSIDE my head, and how I talk to myself, think about myself, and ultimately, AM myself.

I’m not sure I would have fully learned those lessons so well if I hadn’t held a little baby in my arms that I helped create.  That the body that I so often used to tell myself was flawed or broken, CREATED that little human that I love so much.  If my body can carry and build something like that, how in the hell can it be flawed?  That just doesn’t make much sense.  How can I look into bright little eyes and see a fatal flaw?  I can’t.  It’s not possible.

So maybe, the lesson all along….was what I see in her I now see in myself.  Maybe it’s been a four-year long lesson on learning how to love MY body, that started with awareness and curiosity, tolerance, acceptance, like…..and then finally, LOVE.

Let me tell you, fitness and nutrition really is the easy game, in my opinion.  The hard game really does need to happen between your ears, but it’s the battle most worth it.  I’m sure I will learn new lessons about myself and body image and all this stuff as we look forward to another little girl arriving here shortly, and to be honest, bring it on.  Lesson time is growing time.  Anytime you have to take an honest look at yourself….as much as that stinks sometimes….THAT’S where the growing and learning happens and THAT is the good stuff.

For the record, I don’t think being a mom is the only way you can learn these lessons.  I think you learn them when you are honestly ready to learn them, and actually open yourself up to the ick coming in and figuring out WHY it’s there to begin with.  That can happen at any time, so long as you choose to actually investigate why it’s happening and allow yourself the opportunity to do so, instead of just running the other way.

If you take away anything from this, maybe it’s just acknowledging the stuff you need to, and let yourself sit inside it for a while without turning away from it.  As Brene Brown says, lean into that stuff.  It’s where you become a detective about yourself and how you tick, and leaning into those things instead of dieting them away, or shopping them away, or exercising them away is a huge friggin’ deal.  A healthy dose of prayer never hurts here either 🙂

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