My Why

I feel like everyone has a “why” that drives them.  I’ve sort of wondered about what my “why” actually is for quite some time.  I LOVE fitness, I LOVE food, I LOVE teaching people about fitness and food.  Those aren’t my why though.

I think I’ve finally nailed it.

Seth Godin says that if you can’t state your position in eight words, you don’t have a position.

My position is this:

I help people realize THEY CAN.

(Only six words.  I left room for growth)

I probably do that through writing about fitness, or by teaching someone fitness, and that’s totally cool.  I really hope those things benefit people.  What I’m really after is for someone to take something that can be twisted and turned into something very difficult and all-consuming like eating better or getting in shape, and make it easy by breaking it apart into tiny little habits that become a part of their life.   Small, manageable change creates EXPONENTIAL return on investment.

Finding your way through making healthy changes can be ridiculously overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s as simple as making a weekly grocery list and sticking to it.  Sometimes it’s as simple as prioritizing yourself three times a week for 30 minutes a pop, and getting some dang exercise already.  Other times, it’s not quite as easy while you wade through the bullshit that is 15 years worth of emotional eating and wonder WHY you would rather eat your feelings than deal with them.

At this point, my why is:

I help people realize THEY CAN.

I help people realize THEY CAN squat without their knees hurting.

I help people realize THEY CAN deadlift their own bodyweight (or more).

I help people realize THEY CAN eat protein and veggies, and make it taste good (and make them feel good).

I help people realize THEY CAN do things their brain tells them are impossible.

I help people realize THEY CAN prioritize themselves.

I help people realize THEY CAN be proud of the body they are in right now (not 10 pounds from now, 10 push-ups from now, or 10 years from now).

I love my “why.”  I believe that if you can help people realize THEY CAN do things that sometimes seem scary, impossible, or crazy…..that those realizations filter over into every other aspect of their life.






On Building

Mudder is over.  I have a NEW focus, and it’s sort of fun these past few weeks.

I’m building.

I focused on losing or making myself less for a long ass time.  Blech.  I’m even sick of talking about it I’ve written about it so much.  It was sad days then.  Like, shit, can I eat that?  Should I eat that?  I want to eat that but can’t eat that.  So I don’t eat that, so I’ll think about it all week, and then eat it x 60 at some point on the weekend, feel like shitty ick about myself, rinse, and repeat.  Oh, and I will still keep my workouts on point.  Oh, and that x 60 binge?  Yep, I’ll pay penance for that in a workout.

Not the way to go folks.

If you find yourself in that no fun cycle, get off that ride immediately.

I got off that ride, and it has helped me so much.  Anyway, I’m off topic.

Mudder’s over.  Time to build…….

I’m building my ability to do MORE.

I’m building my kettlebell skillz.

I’m building my kettlebell endurance.

I’m building my self-discipline with really intentional workouts.

I’m building my awareness of my body and what needs help and what’s smooth sailing, and I’m RESPECTING what it tells me.

I’m building my strength.

I’m building my muscles.

I’m building my ability to get comfortable with being uncomfortable…..without having freak outs.

You know what’s really awesome?

There is not ONE thing in my list that has to do with “less.”  Like, less food, or getting smaller, or being on a diet, or any of that crazy.

You know what else?  I’m on SUCH a good level with food.  Because I’m not comparing to what I used to be, or what so and so looks like.  I’m not trying to get smaller.  I’m actually happily NAILING “moderation.”  Who am I?

I will share a tiny little bit of my shift in thinking here.

When I actually sat down with a quiet mind and thought about what I actually WANTED, I realized something.  I WANT to get balls strong with my kettlebell game.  I want to get that RKC.  I want to really build my kettlebell skills and get super-duper strong and learn how to respect my body and not over train.  I want to eat the most I can, and do the least amount of work I can in the gym, while having fun, enjoying my workouts, being on a great relationship with food, and having a healthy body that moves well and without pain or limitation, and still maintain or BUILD where I’m at….

I’ve wanted those things for a long, long, long time.


Do you see the problem?  I was performing to be “less” when I really wanted to be “more.”  Major disconnect!


But when I started training like I was on the “more” train, and actually started eating like I was on the “more” train……uh….I started killing my workouts.  And I’m looking forward to them!  I’ve written my own training plan (hopefully it’s legit), and as I’m going through it, I’m tweaking things as needed.  I have a four (five if I have the energy/recovery dialed in) training day schedule every 6-9 days…depending on what kind of work I get in instructing class and personal training sessions.  My other considerations that determine my training frequency are overall energy levels, stress, sleep and if my body just needs to move or just needs a break.

How does this relate to you?

Well, maybe it doesn’t, and that’s ok.  Or, maybe you have found yourself in this rat race of trying to lose the last couple pounds, or trying to lean up, or trying to fit into a certain pair of jeans for awhile, or for a class reunion, or whatevs.  If this describes you, maybe it’s time to NOT focus on the “less” part for awhile.  Maybe it’s time to focus on building your skills, your strength, your mobility, your endurance, or whatever it is that you are after, and drop “less” to the wayside.

What I’d encourage you to do (and I can’t believe it’s taken me THIS long to do this, even after all I preach about on my little bloggy blog), is take a bit and sit quietly and actually think about what you WANT.  Or even take a week or so to reflect on what you want.  Like, what you REALLY want, not what sounds cool, or looks cool, or your friends are doing, or what your spouse wants you to do….but what YOU want to do.  Then, spend some more time reflecting on what you are doing right now, or what you have been doing as you think you are going after what you want.  Do what you want and what you are doing match up?  If not, there’s your disconnect….make both match.  If they do match up….BOOM, you have hit your sweet spot!

Sometimes, taking time to pause and reflect and not RUSH things are so vital.  Things can get emotional sometimes, and those emotions can tend to cast a shadow over things in a way that don’t allow you to see that what you do competes with what you want to do.  Try sitting back and reflecting for a bit, and figure out WHERE YOU WANT TO GO (Point B), and where you are (Point A), and then make the path from A to B and make sure your daily habits align.   This is true for nearly anything in life, not just food or fitness.  It’s so simple, but definitely not always easy.




Training Log: I heart Sunday sessions

My absolute FAVORITE day to train is Sunday morning.  It’s quiet.  It’s sort of the start to the new week, but the close of the old one.  And, I’ve usually had time to sit and chillax with a cup (er, two) of coffee PLUS breakfast before training.

Except this one.  No breakfast yet, and no coffee either, so I had to double fist my training session with a jug of water and a mug of STRONG coffee.  Maybe not the best idea, but it did the trick today.

Today was endurance-ish for me, with strength mixed in.  Because, duh, I like strength.

I generally warm-up with some random foam rolling if necessary (and by foam rolling, I mean prolonging my workout), and then get on with it and do some get-ups.  Today was no different, and I did just that.  Here’s the first set of my get-ups, 1 on either side, with the 16kg:

I did three sets total.  I like to start this way because I’m moving slow and steady through pretty much all planes of motion.  I’m also working on getting my planted hand on the ground a hair in FRONT of me instead of behind in that little windmill move.  Then, time for stretching out the shoulders really well, and the hips/backside.  Plus I’ve added in soft rolling, bird dogs, and legs TOGETHER goblet squats because I’m trying to just build up my strength a little differently in my legs since I’ve had a few random weird things happening.

Once this is all done, the rest of circuit style workout was……

Two Hand Swings w/ 24kg bell x 20

Then, these pullups (and I tried an un-assisted one and wasn’t REALLY prepared for it):

Moved on to Transfer Swings w/ 20kg bell x 10ish

Then, these Single Leg Deads w/ 16kg….loading on the opposite side is REALLY a struggle with me, so these show up a TON in my training program:

One Hand Swings w/ 20kg x 10 + 10

Then, these Clean & Presses w/ 18kg:

I went through this circuit three times before moving on to snatch technique work….which I didn’t film because my phone was full (and watching snatch reps is a little boring).  I basically did this:

1 swing, 1 snatch x 5/left, repeated on the right.  This is ONE round, I did five.

Then….set a timer for 10 minutes and practiced getting as many snatches as I could on the left that felt AWESOME in a row, and then did the same amount on the right.  All this snatch work with the 16kg bell.  So….basically just working on consistent technique.

Because I had a really awesome workout Friday, I knew I was due for a “meh” one.  That happens to me usually.  Like 1 in 8-10 are stellar, 1-2 are terrible, and usually the rest are “meh.”  That seems to be the pattern for me.  “Meh” isn’t bad, it’s just a punch the clock type training day, where you get in, do the work, and get out and get on with your day.  If all were really stellar, would we really appreciate stellar ones anymore?  Prob not ;-)



Training Log: The Power Of A Coach

I’ve been getting my kettlebell sh!t together over the past 6-8 weeks or so.  I WANT the title of RKC so badly.  This could potentially happen this fall, or next spring.  Next spring would be more ideal, BUT I’d really like to knock it out this fall too.  I secretly hope a MN event comes up this fall so I don’t have too much lag time to sit around and wait for it.

My last check-in with Andrea proved to show some weaknesses on my part.  I was really lacking endurance, shoulder stability, and the ability to really crush a lockout on both cleans and snatches.  I worked the hell out of those things these past few weeks since meeting with Andrea.

That’s the beauty of having a coach, folks.  I knew I’d be seeing her again in the not-too-distant future.  When you show up with your coach, they are looking at how you’ve progressed.  They assess you.  They provide and suggest appropriate exercises, protocols, recommendations, etc.

BUT YOU MUST SHOW UP.  And when you show up, you’ve ideally done the work.  I’m so happy I wasn’t screwing around and not doing the work these past couple weeks.  I did the work.  I was able to show that I’ve really cleaned up those weaknesses.  I earned a compliment today, and compliments don’t get doled out on a whim with my coach (and that compliment made my day…..I should consider this with my own coaching style).

I have two major focuses now from today’s session:

- I have some weird cross-patterning weaknesses going on.   Actually, this isn’t weird….it perfectly coincides with where I get adjusted during chiropractic visits.  I have a weak link on my right side, and even though I’m right handed….I’m MUCH stronger on my left side, at least balance and stability wise..  When planting my right foot, and loading my left side…..wellllll….the wheels start to fall off the bus.  Time for some work here – which is bird dogs and rolling around on the floor.

- I will complete the snatch test every other week and hit 100 reps, no excuses.  I will just nail it and get the work done.  I can, I’ve just been lollygagging through it and not hitting the 100.  I’ll hit the 100 next Friday.

I’ve been videoing some of my training sessions so I can SEE what I look like since I don’t train with a mirror.  If you don’t do this, consider it.  You will learn a ton about the way you move, and you will pick up little things in which  you can work to clean up in the beginning before they become bad habits.  Seeing yourself train is super helpful.  I’ll try and video some this week, so you can see what I’m up to.

Other than that, I absolutely cannot tell you how helpful it is to have a coach.  A coach is able to assess an athlete WITHOUT emotion.  In my case, I can get tied up emotionally in my training – and for good reason.  I mean, I want to excel and improve my skills, no?  And it feels good when those things happen, and it makes me feel shitty sometimes when I have an ick training session.  A coach sees how you move, where you might be weak, where your strong points are, and all those things…..WITHOUT the emotion.  That’s HUGE.  They are your feedback, your guidance, your motivation, and many times the voice of reason.  Utilize a coach….especially if you are just starting out.  A good coach will get you light years ahead of where you would be if you just tried to wade through this stuff without help.  Hands on experience trumps a DVD or book coach any day.


Thank You

I started this tiny blog a few years ago, as a way to keep myself accountable for my first Tough Mudder.  I wrote about random things like how training was going, and random stuff.

Gradually, as I got braver and more confident in myself, I started writing about more and more things of a personal nature, and to my surprise, people related to things I went/go through.  Many times I cringe hardcore when I hit “publish” after writing a blog post.  Some posts I sit on a long, long, long time before I publish.  Trust me, there is a long line of ones still waiting to be published.

Bottom line….THANK YOU for reading my little blog.  I am happy to write about random things (even though they sometimes make me uncomfortable) that I go through that sometimes can help someone else.

For a long, long, long time I thought I was the only one who felt certain ways about stuff.  As I opened up a little more, I realized that many people feel the same way I do, and not a lot of people say it.

So, THANK YOU for reading my blog, and THANK YOU for the messages/emails/comments that are so kind, thoughtful, and even inspire yet another blog post.


(Oh, and you know….if you have anything you HAVE to read about, shoot it my way so I can write about something OTHER than my feelings sometimes ) :)

Shit Fit Friends Say

I hope you have a huge tribe of fitness buddies.  Fitness buddies are the BEST.  Fitness buddies GET things, you know?  They are super supportive in your fitness journey because you are super supportive in theirs.  It’s never a one-sided convo with fitness buddies, because sometimes fitness stuff can be weird, and when one fitness buddy experiences something weird…chances are many do, and we aren’t afraid to talk about it and compare weird stuff.  And fitness buddies tend to understand random stuff when you talk about random stuff.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Following are random things I’ve heard (and said) in the last few weeks:

  • “After this last week of upper body work, if my back doesn’t looked JACKED by at least Monday, I’m gonna be pissed.”
  • “My butt is eating my underwear.”
  • “My ab hurts.”
  • “My friend complimented my butt today.  She said she could set a lamp on my butt!”
  • “You have nice hamstrings.  They, like, stick out nice.”
  • “I’m hungry.  Like REALLY hungry.”
  • “My husband caught me flexing in the mirror again.  He doesn’t even flinch anymore.”
  • “My traps are, like, way sticking up these days.”
  • “My co-worker said she heard that women shouldn’t press weights over their head because it’s bad for them.  Isn’t it bad to NOT press weight over our head?”
  • “What do people do for exercise if they don’t lift weights?”
  • “Oh good!  It’s time for second breakfast!  (or second lunch, or second dinner).”
  • “I think I should go to the bathroom before deadlifting.   I’m afraid of what’s going to happen if I don’t.”
  • “We’re not old.  We’re elite.”
  • “Back in my 20s I never needed to foam roll and stretch my shoulders so dang much.  Or maybe I should have, and then I wouldn’t have to focus on ‘recovery’ so much these days.”
  • “Front squats make my abs work.  I mean, when you get down there, you really gotta brace that shit.”
  • “I thought I had to go to Urgent Care because I coughed too hard and pulled a muscle.  Then I remembered we did the Evil Wheel (ab wheel), and I realized I was just sore.”

Random stuff, right?  But it ALLLLLLLL makes sense if you are up in the gym working on your fitness, right?

Normal friend conversations probably go something like “My week is really busy.  I have something every night of the week and my kids have swimming lessons.”

Fit friend conversations go more like “What are your workouts this week?  When is your heavy day?  I think I’ll run on Tuesday, and take a rest day Wednesday, and then Thursday is lifting.”

I KNOW, if you are a gym goer, that most of this makes sense.  Don’t lie to me.  You GET it.  That’s what fit friends do, they GET it.



Your Story

I feel like many people go on a food or fitness journey in an attempt to change themselves.  Or, rather, they end up changed because of their journey.  My own journey initially started as a way to lose weight and feel better about myself.  What I learned in the process was that I needed to learn how to love myself FIRST before I could actually pursue a healthy relationship with exercise and food, and how I felt about myself……well, that needed to be the driver.  I failed and failed and failed, or at least I thought I did, at a ton of different diets and exercise programs because I was never in touch with what was actually the problem – how I felt about myself, instead of trying to fix things that I thought were the problem, like a pants size or a number on the scale.

This post will be short.  The message is this:

Your story is YOURS.  It might be in the form of stretch marks, loose skin, a broken toe, or a crazy battle with learning how to get awesome at kettlebells.  It might even be 30 years of your life without exercise, and then, on a whim, finding your love of fitness in your 50s and never looking back.  Or….maybe you failed at a 100 different diets, decided to NOT DIET, and found a healthy relationship with food.  Perhaps you thought, hey, I’m going to try a group fitness class….scared out of your mind, you actually showed up, and found a tribe of people who you don’t even know that well who will support you while you get comfortable in the gym.

Your story is just that, YOURS.  It probably isn’t the same as mine.  It isn’t meant to be the same as mine, because it’s YOURS.  So if you think about picking apart those stretch marks, or wishing away some loose skin, or you are only on your second or third group fitness class and STILL aren’t convinced that it’s for you, but dangit you are trying, give yourself the benefit of the doubt and appreciate where you are right now.  Because it’s YOUR story.  Write YOUR story, and give yourself some dang credit, you know?  Who cares if it doesn’t match anyone else’s story?  It’s YOURS.

If someone tells you that you are “doing it wrong” with food or fitness, it has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.  Make your story YOUR STORY.  Write your own.


Tough Mudder MN 2014 – Day 2

The Mudder Lovers came, saw, and conquered Tough Mudder MN 2014 on Saturday…..

…….two crazies came back on Sunday to do the course again.

Rise and's Mudder Round 2 time!!
Rise and shine….it’s Mudder Round 2 time!!

Runner Randi and I signed up for the Sunday course shortly after we got back from Tough Mudder Kansas in May.  You know, because everything seems like a good idea when you don’t have to worry about it for a month or two :)

Truth is, though, I was pumped about this race.  We’ve already done Mudder….but never done Mudder the day after doing Mudder, you know?  Like, there’s a lot of shit to think about.  Are we going to be sore?  Can we do it?  Who the flip is going to help us up over obstacles….we are now at the mercy of other participants on the course.

Guess what?  Aside from Everest, we didn’t need no assistance, yo!  We climbed those walls ourselves!  And everything went amazingly!!

I was pretty jacked up driving up to meet Runner Randi and crew for the course on Sunday.  Like, excited jacked up….not afraid jacked up.  Then we get to the course and it’s sort of put up or shut up time.  We sped through check-in stuff….bathroom’d up, and then got in line ASAP so we could be in the first wave out so we could get this race going.

First off….being in the first wave is super awesome because the start line MC is AMAZING.  And, instead of the national anthem being sung FOR US, the whole wave sings it with no music.  Super awesome.

The course wasn’t super populated on day 2, so it was nice to jog through most it and it was actually quiet a lot of the time.  So, we had plenty of time to talk about parent stuff, family stuff, fitness stuff, and yeah, even some feelings :)

We plowed through the obstacles pretty well.

Let me tell you about the Wounded Warrior Carry.  Runner Randi will probably kill me for this.  Basically, the Wounded Warrior Carry is where you walk for about 50 feet-ish while carrying another Mudder, and then you switch and they carry you.  I was the carrier first.  Um, Randi squats and deadlifts A LOT.  So when she jumped on my back, she held on REALLY TIGHT with her legs…….so hard I thought my spleen was going to shoot out my mouth.  That girl is a boa constrictor.  I had to ask her to loosen up so I could actually move :)  Bahahahahaha, sorry Randi for the embarrassing story share! (actually #sorrynotsorry)

But seriously, if you’ve done Tough Mudder before, I can give you this little piece of knowledge – I was the same amount of sore doing two races as compared to one.  So, I think you should go for it!  It probably didn’t hurt that after the first course, I ate like it was my job and slept a lot too.  So I felt pretty relaxed and ready for day 2.

Your Tough Mudder experience is as good as the company you keep (or all the teammates you have).  What you put into it you will get out of it.  The people you do the race with have such an impact on your experience.  I did my first Tough Mudder with Randi, and I’m so glad I did this crazy second event of the weekend with her as well.  It was an amazing experience.

I don't always do two Mudders in one weekend, but when I do, I make sure to do it with my sister in iron.
I don’t always do two Mudders in one weekend, but when I do, I make sure to do it with my sister in iron.

Tough Mudder MN 2014 – Day 1

On Saturday, July 21st, 22 fabulous people hit up Tough Mudder MN for a chance at the course.  This is personally my third time on the MN course, and my second time with a very large team.  Last year, the TMWR Mudder Lovers was a team of 15, and this year….we had 22 members.  We are growing!  And everyone on that team was a perfect fit.

I’m going to tell you the truth.  The week before race day, I’m not always a peach to be around.  I get nerves….even though I’ve done it before.  Those “nerves” come out in waking up at night, feeling dread instead of excitement for the event, and bitching alot.  Then, something magical happens like a day or two before race day, and I’m JACKED BEYOND BELIEF AND ISN’T IT GO TIME ALREADY?!?!?!  I’m realizing this happens to me before every Mudder :).  I’m calling it my Pre-Mudder Meltdown.

Anyway, I’m going to drop a few pictures in here to show you a small snippet of our day, but the truth is, a lot of stuff happens out on the Mudder course.  Especially with a large team.  Some of us know each other really well, and some of us don’t know each other except for race day.  So, nerves come out, and fear, and joy, and excitement, and adrenaline, and combine that with old friends and new friends, and you have the recipe for some pretty awesome stuff.

Fear does crazy things to you.  You might be afraid of an obstacle, and just stop and take a second before you attempt it, and that’s cool.  Watching someone be afraid also does crazy things to you.  It brings out the motivator in people.  People who might not know you so well are now on your side, cheering you on and talking you through things.  You have to be able to trust your teammates when you are running up Everest, and knowing they will be there at the top to help grab your arms and help you crawl your legs up the side so you can get to the top.

This event was my fourth Mudder, and each time I’ve learned something about myself and about how I react to things, and also about how other people react to things….especially when they are stressed or a little afraid.  I absolutely love watching first timers go through Mudder and realize they can do things they are afraid to do, or thought they couldn’t do.  I love that everyone is good at something different.  I also love that random people along the course all pitch in to help.  It’s fun to see someone who started in your same heat along the course and how they are doing, and what they think along the way as well.  Mudders have each others backs.  If you ever wear your finisher shirt out and about and see another Mudder on the street, you can give them a nod because you KNOW that’s how Mudders roll.  Mudders get it.

So, here you go, a few pictures:

TMWR Mudder Lovers! Spotless and ready to roll!
After Mud Mile....dirty, ya'll!
After Mud Mile….dirty, ya’ll!
Mudder Lovers!  Course complete!
Mudder Lovers! Course complete!

To the TMWR Mudder Lovers…..THANK YOU for being a part of the team.  You made the day absolutely amazing, and I wouldn’t have spent my day any other way!  We rocked!  See you on the course in 2015………



*I am absolutely not providing scientific data here to support my opinion or thoughts.  These are just my thoughts and ramblings and not a “cure” for anything.  I am NOT a medical professional, and don’t intend to be one and take on that much schooling :)

I am probably hyper-sensitive to eating and how people eat, and eating habits of others….considering I’ve had my own weird eating issues in the past.  I pay attention to things, and not because I’m judge-y of others (although I’ve been guilty of that in the past), mostly because I’m just super aware because of my own past.

So, I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile (imagine that…me…thinking) and came to my own conclusions.  Some of it from my own experience, some of it not.  I’m sure there are other examples than what I’ve got to show, and that’s perfectly fine (and please add to my list).

In this country, we typically hear that we have an obesity problem – both in kids and adults.  Our tendency with obesity is to assume that an obese individual is lazy and eats too much (or in nutrition speak, is in a state of positive energy balance, where your energy intake and higher than your output).  While the energy imbalance thing is true (and the lazy/eating too much part is sort of the judge-y aspect), if you think about it….are obese people not, in fact, starved?  Literally, starving for nutrients, eating a diet that is high in calories and potentially low (or void) of major nutrients?  Eating more and more food as cravings or as habit, as their body is trying desperately to get those nutrients it needs to function?  Starved also from lack of movement (exercise) and all the benefits that come from it?

*also, I realize there is more to this equation, I’m just basically trying to shoot for some super simple examples here

We are also hearing more and more of other eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia.  In this case, this is a more typical example of starving.  It’s just the opposite of obesity.  In this case, one is usually taking in far too few calories (or is in negative energy balance, in nutrition speak), and far too few nutrients as well.   Literally not eating enough, or exercising too much, or a combination of both and the body is literally starving for energy, rest, a break, etc.

Then, we have the emotional eater to consider (*slowly raises hand*), like me.   An emotional eater typically turns to food as a way to deal with other things, rather than just deal with the other things.  You know, because eating is much easier than dealing and processing with feelings, stress, difficult situations, etc.  Plus, eating is fun!  Except, in my opinion, when after you’ve just emotionally eaten, you feel worse than if you’d just dealt with your feelings to begin with.  Emotional eaters are starving as well….for a way to deal with their emotions.  They sometimes just don’t know how, or just don’t want to, period.

And then, I feel like, there is a final category.  The individual that just simply doesn’t know.  The one who eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner through the drive through, or without thought to what he/she is putting in their body, because they simply don’t know enough about eating, or were never raised to know.  Because food labels and packaging and fancy terms like “organic” and “low-sodium” sound healthy, so cool, let’s just do that.  Those individuals are simply starved for knowledge.

Isn’t this a sad issue?  That, in a country where we are known for very high obesity rates, we are a country that is probably, in fact, STARVING…….on many levels?



Originally this was my journey to Tough Mudder…now it's my record of all things fitness and health!


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