Outrunning Your Fork

I see cute little fitness posts a lot.  And they annoy the shit out of me.

“It takes 524 burpees to burn off a large order of fries.”

“Running a marathon burns 2900 hundred calories, or 674 M&M’s……not that I looked that up.”

I’ve even seen a cute little poster of a half-marathoner…..comparing her calorie burn from her race to eating a Big Mac.

Fawk.  Let’s lose the association of needing to burn away our “being bad” treats.  

If you want to eat a large order of fries…..eat a damn large order of fries and enjoy it.

If you want to eat a freaking Big Mac, do it up!

Try to eat 674 M&M’s….I mean, maybe you could.  I think you might get sick of them though.  Unless they were peanut butter M&M’s…..then you probably wouldn’t :)

We need to lose the “I need to pay penance for my food sins” mindset.

I used to do this a lot back in the day.  You know where it got me?  Pissy, frustrated, and really in the same place I’d always been…..not on a good path with food.  Over time, I learned to ditch the guilt of food.  Like, it’s not easy, yo.  If you have had food guilt for a long time…..it won’t just go away.  You need to practice making it go away.  And only YOU can practice that….no one else can do that for you.

You know what’s cool about ditching the guilt mindset?  Suddenly, you realize you really CAN have anything to eat that you want to.  When you realize that, suddenly those foods that used to make you lose control because they were on the naughty list…..well……they sometimes still taste good.  But sometimes only a little bit is all you need.  Or sometimes just a serving is all you need, and then you realize, “hey, that was good….but I’m done now.”

You don’t have to do 524 burpees to eat a large order of fries.  You can just eat the fries and go home.  You can wake up tomorrow and do your normal routine….you don’t need to stay at the gym for an extra two hours to do the burpees.

Here are a few of the steps I’ve taken to lose the “outrun my fork” mindset:

- I spent a year with Precision Nutrition learning about food and myself and my relationship to both (I’m not saying you need to do this….what I am saying is that a year is a long time to learn about food and my relationship to it….so take your time learning on your own or with help)

- I learned how to eat enough, but more importantly I learned the signals my body gives me when I’ve eaten too much or too little……THIS TOOK LOADS OF TIME 

- I said “fawk the rules and diets” and decided to just go with the flow for a bit to see what happened (much to my surprise the wheels didn’t fall off the bus)

- I practiced not associating my food choices to myself or my self worth (easier said than done)

The final lesson I’ve learned in the past 18 months with my baby girl.  Emma Babes LOVES food.  She loves pork chops, she loves goldfish crackers, she loves eggs, she loves beets, she loves sweet potatoes, she loves Kicks Bake Shop donuts, she loves appies (apples)….she’s a foodie….just like her parents.  What is interesting though, is that she eats to her appetite.  Some days her appetite is LARGE, and she can pack food away like no one’s biznass.  Some days, not so much.  She eats when she is hungry, and then when she no longer is hungry, she throws it on the floor for Stella (we are working on this), or she plays with it….or she lets me know she doesn’t want it.  She eats with zest……”NUUUUMMMMMMYYYYY!”  is heard often when she is hungry and when she really likes something.  She tells me “No?” and shakes her head when it isn’t what she wants.   I have learned MORE in 18 months watching a baby turn into a toddler and eat and enjoy food and stop eating when she is no longer hungry than I have from any certification or eating program.  Emma Babes, in all her eating glory, practices moderation.  Without even knowing it.  And you know what she doesn’t have?  Food guilt.  She just has energy to use and grow.

And she doesn’t have to do 524 burpees to pay for it.

The above is apparently 739 words that don’t accomplish much except for my desire for people to let go of the mindset that foods fall into a “bad” or “good” category.  Food is JUST food.  You don’t have to pay penance for eating foods that some lump into the “bad” category.

And again, I’ve MOSTLY ditched the guilt mindset.  Sometimes it still rears it’s ugly head.  BUT, I’m also learning to know when that is happening too.  It’s a process….not something you will fix in a day or a week, yo.





Lessons From a Reformed Dieter

The following list was inspired by a Facebook group I’m a part of, that focuses on women and strength training.  One member of the group posted this really fabulous list (of which I’ve taken and altered slightly to fit my reality), because it just freakin’ hit home for me in just a few bullet points.  It’s literally my timeline as a reformed dieter.  It’s actually so simple, and I thought I’d share it because I know there are people out there that can totally identify with this.

So here goes (and thanks to the lovely individual who posted this original concept.  I don’t know you, and I’m not going to post your name to credit this to you here because, duh, privacy, but I very much appreciate your clear, concise way of laying this whole business out).

1.)  Magic pills!  Shakes!  Supplements!  I MUST follow this really specific weight loss plan that includes me spending a boatload of cash on supplements for the next 12 weeks (or 15 pounds, or until I’m a certain size).  Do one day perfectly, wait….maybe even a week.  Soon realize, EFF, I’m hungry and cranky, this shit is expensive, and I can’t, I just can’t swallow one more pill or drink one more chalky ass shake.  That’s fine, no more supplements, but I will just watch what I eat, and vow to myself to not eat more than 1200 calories (or 1300/1500/1800, depending on which magazine article I read was best, or what year it was).

2.) Enter Primal eating!! I must eat like a caveman and ignore modern agriculture.  I’m awesome and………….eating clean……and you know I’m totally judging what’s in your shopping cart, Miss I-Buy-Pop-Tarts!! (I literally want to throw up thinking about my judgey, clean eating self). The only carbs I eat are fruit and sweet potatoes. I’m awesome!! I feel great. Wait, six months have gone by and I’m really tired, cold all the time, and my workouts suck. Why is that?

3.) Wait, what? You need to eat more to build muscle? OMG, I must eat all the food every where!! Just got done lifting….quick, eat something NOW.  FEED THE MUSCLE.  I must eat at least 4,000 calories a day in order to build muscle.

4.) Wow, have I gained weight. What the hell happened? I was eating to build muscle. I think I have more muscle?  But my jeans also don’t button the way they used to.  But that’s muscle, right?  I learned that low-fat was a lie. I embraced full fat, healthy fat, and I eat lots of it. You mean, I can’t eat whatever I want whenever I want and blame it on my need to build muscle?

5.) Wait, I need more CARBS? Okay, now I’m looking at Eat to Perform. What I eat should depend on how it makes me feel and how it impacts my workouts. I need to be mindful of my food choices, but life is short, no need to be insane and weigh, measure, and track everything that goes into my mouth. Don’t sabotage my hard work, but stop freaking out about everything I eat.

6.) Unchartered Territory (and loving it)! I’ve taken something from every stage and incorporated into my life and I think this might work. 1.) I need to be mindful of the number of calories I consume, not neurotic. 2.) Yes, eat more, but moderation and eat more protein too. 3.) Full fat is good, but still calorie dense. Don’t be an idiot. 4.) Primal eating taught me one huge lesson (and a lot of neurotic shit but oh well)- I really enjoy taking whole food ingredients and creating a meal. 5.) Potatoes and rice are not the devil, lighten up already.  6.) Your daughter is watching, and she does NOT need a mom who is neurotic about food.  7.) You actually are the only one that knows what works for YOU.  8.)  Pay attention.

I want to scream to people…..”DON’T DO WHAT I DID, SKIP #1 through #5, and go straight to #6!”  But I can’t, because everyone needs to learn their own path at their own pace or the lessons don’t mean anything to them.

I get asked frequently why I don’t sell supplements in my tiny, lovely little gym.  I actually do get approached, and to be honest, I’d probably pay all my fixed expenses and then some by selling supplements.  But I can’t do that with a good conscience.  It will only prolong someone else’s journey who might not understand the concept of eating FOOD first, and with a healthy mindset, and supplementing only after that, and only when necessary (if ever it is necessary).  It will only keep them in step #1.  They might not get out of that mindset, you know?  And I don’t want that on my shoulders….that I told them they should drink this really amazing shake that will help them lose weight fast/reach their ideal bodyweight/help detox their system/reset/recharge/energize them/make all their troubles go away/turn them into magical unicorns.  I will not be that person.

I know you can identify with at least some of what I’m laying down here.  Remember, YOU know what works best for YOU.  YOU can eat food WITHOUT going crazy off the rails.  YOU can eat literally anything you want, and even without guilt!  YOU have choices at all times.  YOU have to decide that YOU CAN.

Here, after many years of dieting, reading, researching, getting certifications, observing, learning more, are what I can give you on food wisdom:

- Eat enough food but don’t overeat (and you will play around with this to find YOUR right equation because there isn’t a one size fits all plan…..and most online calorie calculators are waaaayyyyyyyy toooooooooooo lowwwwwwww)

- Protein is important

- So are veggies (you know, vitamins, minerals, fiber……that old chestnut)

- Get plenty of sleep (because I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired or chronically tired….I’m dealing with the urge to speed eat feel good foods ALL THE TIME)

- If it sounds too good to be true, it is, ESPECIALLY IN THE MAGICAL DIET LAND

- Food is just food, don’t get neurotic

- If you are emotional eater, GET TO THE ROOT of what makes you emotionally eat

- Eat food you enjoy (including cupcakes), don’t eat food you don’t enjoy (if this includes cupcakes for you….get your head checked)

- If you have a sensitivity, don’t eat something that makes you feel icky.  If you don’t have a sensitivity, don’t freaking tell me going gluten free can cure cancer…..because…..well, you’re an idiot

There are millions of things in this world that need attention right now, and dieting is just not one of them.




Training Log: Pressing My Ass Off

OMG.  So, training is going good.  I switched some of my training program up a bit, to get me used to pressing heavier bells.  After a convo with my coach at my last session, she was all “you should be pressing 20′s”……mean 20kg’s.

Yeah…..I have been pressing 16′s for a good long while.  Because that’s all I have to test with.  Does anyone else find themselves doing the thing at one level just because they have to?  Why did it never occur to me to train heavier for presses?  DUH.

Guess what makes pressing 16′s feel like paperweight?  Pressing 20′s.  Shit.

Right now, I’ve been rolling with some good old pressing ladders.  Like, one day I do single arm pressing ladders that look like this:

1 press per side, 1 pull-up (mine are currently assisted), 10 double swings

2 presses per side, 2 pull-ups, 15 double swings

3 presses per side, 3 pull-ups, 15 double swings

I’m currently at about 3 sets of that work, and working my way up to five sets

Another training day during the week is double bell presses that looks like this:

1 double press, 1 pull-up, 2 snatches per arm

2 double presses, 2 pull-ups, 3 snatches per arm

3 double presses, 3 pull-ups, 5 snatches per arm

After these ladder days, I wake up the next morning wondering if I look like the Incredible Hulk yet.  I think I’ve been lifting for the past 6-8 years now, no clue.  And as the weights get heavier, it’s weird….but I never turn into a dude or “get bulky.”  :)

Lifting is where it’s at, ladies.  And gentlemen.  If you want to feel awesome, look better, eat more, sleep awesome, rock your life better…..well then, it’s time to move some weight, yo.

Here is what pressing two 20kg bells(44 pounds a piece) after rolling outta bed and only having a smidge of coffee looks like:

And here is what it looks like when you shoot for three reps, and fail after the first one (sorry for the language…… yeah not really, those beasts were heavy!):

Guess where I ALWAYS feel working hardest during my presses?  My glutes.  I feel like I’m getting such a good butt workout during pressing ladders, it’s not even funny.

Ass moves mass, I guess?

(Also, thanks to Janelle Pica at Primal Fitness Pittsburgh for the pressing ladder inspiration!)



Ick, the title alone of this blog probably indicates we are going to talk about feelings, right?

If you know me….talking about feelings needs to happen sometimes, actually probably more frequently than sometimes.  I joke about them a lot, but bring them out on the rare occasion.  Because, you know….talking about feelings can get dicey.  Because….. it’s nice to float around in your life where everything is magical unicorns and rainbows, and 28 kilo kettlebells fly up easily in a clean and press, and things like body image demons don’t exist, right?  And in that magical unicorn and heavy kettlebell land, feelings are fun and light and free, right?

They are until you feel a few not so fun and light and free feelings.

Like, when you start to doubt yourself sometimes because your jeans feel snug, or you got in a crap fight with your husband about nothing important.  Or random other useless stuff to feel bad about, but since we’re piling on….let’s keep this shitstorm going for a week or two, yeah?

I’m writing this one because I answered a really, really, really powerful question yesterday inspired by Jill Coleman.  It’s sort of an open ended question, in a series of other questions in her mindset makeover series.   I started it a few weeks ago, and it’s a doozy for taking a little looksie into your mindset (and working on changing it a bit if that’s your fancy).

Anyhoo, back to the question.

If I never used negative self-talk again…….

My answer came flying out like ton of bricks.

I would be allowed to feel powerful and always enough.

I write and preach and all that good stuff a lot about loving yourself and who you are.  That is true for me much of the time, but going through an icky patch here and there can knock you off your axis (phrase stolen from my amazing friend) in a heartbeat.  Then, once you are down, it’s very much easy to get down on EVERYTHING that you declare not awesome or things that have happened in your past and yadda, yadda, yadda – you feel like you are not enough for some reason or another.

You are ALWAYS enough just as you are.  I am ALWAYS enough just as I am.

When it’s time to get flowery and show the feelings, you might get a hug from a friend.  If you are like me, sometimes….because you don’t show and feel all the dang feelings sometimes, you might practice the “ass out” hug.  You know the one – you lean in close and wrap your hands around the person you are hugging, and give them the awkward pat on the back….but your ass sticks out.  Because you can’t get THAT CLOSE and REALLY get into the hug.  Because it’s just too many feelings.  Sometimes, though, you feel the feelings and go all in…..you know, the “ass in” hug.  Like, total full embrace, even if your whole body touches.

Here is to ALWAYS being enough.  ALWAYS.

Let’s “ass in” hug, shall we?







I’m Not Motivated

When you begin making changes – whether food or fitness related, or really…..ANY change in your life – things are new and shiny.  Doing new things and creating new habits is easy because it’s different and fun.

Then the bog hits.  Maybe after two or three weeks, or even a month.  It’s not new and shiny anymore.  Sometimes it actually seems like the LAST thing you want to do.  Or, “my life is really busy today, so I’m putting off my <insert new change here> and I’ll get to it tomorrow.”  Except, you know what happens tomorrow.  Your new change… DOESN’T happen.  Because it’s still not exciting tomorrow.

I know how this feels.  You feel like everyone else has it easy, and makes it look effortless.  Why is it so hard for you?  Why can everyone else get fit/eat well/get a sweet job/have an exciting life and you can’t?

The difference is that the people who you THINK have it easy….they just do it anyway.  They stick to their change.  Even after the new and shiny wears off.  They made it a part of their life, not just something they did when they felt like it.

Ha, I’m writing this at a point when I have ZERO motivation to train this week (shark week and all), but I’m committed to getting that dang RKC title, so I guess I’m writing this for myself.  I have plenty of “reasons” why not to – the cert is a long way off, my hands and grip are tired, I’m a little sore, I’m busy (actually I’m not so busy….I am just great procrastinating), I should spend more time cleaning my house (true), and more time with my family (true), and more time doing x,y,z instead of training.

Doesn’t everyone have a million reasons why they can’t?  But then what was the little spark that made them want to make a change in the first place?

The silver lining of having the bog and NOT FEELING LIKE IT BUT DOING IT ANYWAY…..are those fantastic times where those changes you made/make feel effortless.  The times when they are easy.  You will appreciate them more.

Here are a few things I consider when things get rough and you don’t FEEL like it.

  1. Does this make sense?  First, and foremost….are you doing something you actually WANT to change, and something that is sustainable?  This is vital.  If you are doing something because everyone else is doing it, and you don’t REALLY want to, DON’T.
  2. If you answered yes to #1, then maybe setting a schedule of practicing that change is necessary for a bit.  What I mean is, for me….I have a “training schedule.”  This schedule is when I train, whether or not I’m motivated.  I can adjust what I do during each training according to how my body feels – hell, if I really don’t FEEL like it because I’m super sore or worn out…maybe it’s just a good foam rolling, mobility, and stretching session….but I STILL kept my appointment with myself during that time for it’s intended purpose.  Get it?
  3.  Make easy wins.  Do a few things when you start that are super easy and make you feel amazing.  Chances are, once you are feeling like a boss, you will keep going.
  4. Do the hard shit.  Once you got a few easy wins under your belt in your session, do the shit you don’t want to do which is why you’ve been dreading this appointment with yourself in the first place.  Just knock it out and get it done.  Then move onto more fun shit.  For me….these are the things I’m not good at and that make me realize I’m not good at them.  But in order to get better, of course I need to do them, right?
  5. Take vacations.  Maybe this isn’t applicable right in the beginning when you are starting something new….because you probably want to create some sort of habit of doing this new thing.  However, after you have a couple of months or so under your belt, take a break.  Completely.  For a few days or a week or so.  Like any vacation, when you take a  break….you usually come back refreshed and relaxed, and with new ideas or a new appreciation.

I feel like saying “I’m not motivated” is sometimes the worst kind of excuse.  Motivation is limited, and doing things only when you WANT to do them is sometimes a recipe for disaster.  I mean, if I paid my bills only when I “felt like it”……well, let’s be honest….I’d have a lot more pairs of cute jeans and some pretty angry people who I owed money to.

Shit, I’m now re-reading this post, and realize I don’t clean my house a lot because I “don’t feel like it.”  I probably need to schedule some time each day/week to get this under control.  Ha!  Jokes on me!


Training Log: Having Fun!

On the old kettlebell training front, my bells are feeling lighter.  Which is sort of cool, but also means heavier bells are on the horizon.  Oy.

Also, this week was a fun one for me, for the most part (well, until my snatch test on Saturday).  I hit some quality time training on my own, and also had a lot of fun training in some of my classes.  Looking back on the past week, it was a goodie, and my muscles are a little sore and need some quality down time for a day or so to chill the eff out and come back stronger.

Here is a fun snippet of one of my solo sessions this week.  My phone died before I could film the coolest part of my workout…..which happened to be lo-hi chops with a macebell and some clean and some snatch technique work.   Basically, I did 3 slow circuits of deadlift holds with mis-matched bell (heavy and a LOT heavier), rows on the floor (these are my new fave), chops with the bell, and then some snatch practice.  This was an awesome strength and technique session.

I like to finish up strength and technique stuff with some short but fun conditioning.  So here is my double swing and clean work:

Earlier in the week, I knocked out some snatch technique work again as well.  I’m really TRYING to get more and more comfortable with snatches and getting solid in technique.

Finally, at the end of the week, it was time for a snatch test.  In hindsight, I should have waited a day or so on this one.  I was tired and sore.  I also knew that if I didn’t knock out this test soon, I was going to go a little crazy thinking about it.  So I did it, and it honestly felt AWFUL.  I got 91 reps, and they were getting FUGLY by the end.  I need to find 9 more somewhere in this 5 minute period.  I will….but dang, this test kicks my ASS.  My lungs were on fire for a good long while after this test was over.  I “recovered” with a Kicks Bake Shop donut, because obviously :)

All in all, good week.  I got a lot of work in that wasn’t “scheduled” so I think a few days off will be good for this old bod :)



For Life

Something simple to chew on today.

Are you looking at the way you exercise and the way you eat as a means to an end?  Meaning – are you doing what you are doing for a short amount of time to “get somewhere” like a smaller pants size, a smaller scale weight, a lower body fat percentage?

If you found yourself nodding, you might want to change your short-timer mindset.  If you are doing things that can only be done for a short period of time because they are not sustainable (for a variety of reasons – they might be expensive, they might be a little extreme, etc), in order to “get somewhere,” what are you going to do when you get there?  Stop doing them?  And come back to your old ways?

Does that make sense?

The way you eat and the way you workout should be repeatable.  For life.  Can you eat the way you are eating and train the way you are training for the rest of your life?  That’s your sweet spot.  Because that is sustainable.  Repeatable.

If you can train the way you are training and eat the way you are eating through life changes like the loss of a loved one, a pregnancy, when you lose 20 pounds or gain 20 pounds, when you have an injury, when you are killin’ it in your life….then you have found your sweet spot.  Real life eating and training ebbs and flow naturally with time.  It’s ok.  That’s life.

You are doing this for life, aren’t you?


My Why

I feel like everyone has a “why” that drives them.  I’ve sort of wondered about what my “why” actually is for quite some time.  I LOVE fitness, I LOVE food, I LOVE teaching people about fitness and food.  Those aren’t my why though.

I think I’ve finally nailed it.

Seth Godin says that if you can’t state your position in eight words, you don’t have a position.

My position is this:

I help people realize THEY CAN.

(Only six words.  I left room for growth)

I probably do that through writing about fitness, or by teaching someone fitness, and that’s totally cool.  I really hope those things benefit people.  What I’m really after is for someone to take something that can be twisted and turned into something very difficult and all-consuming like eating better or getting in shape, and make it easy by breaking it apart into tiny little habits that become a part of their life.   Small, manageable change creates EXPONENTIAL return on investment.

Finding your way through making healthy changes can be ridiculously overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s as simple as making a weekly grocery list and sticking to it.  Sometimes it’s as simple as prioritizing yourself three times a week for 30 minutes a pop, and getting some dang exercise already.  Other times, it’s not quite as easy while you wade through the bullshit that is 15 years worth of emotional eating and wonder WHY you would rather eat your feelings than deal with them.

At this point, my why is:

I help people realize THEY CAN.

I help people realize THEY CAN squat without their knees hurting.

I help people realize THEY CAN deadlift their own bodyweight (or more).

I help people realize THEY CAN eat protein and veggies, and make it taste good (and make them feel good).

I help people realize THEY CAN do things their brain tells them are impossible.

I help people realize THEY CAN prioritize themselves.

I help people realize THEY CAN be proud of the body they are in right now (not 10 pounds from now, 10 push-ups from now, or 10 years from now).

I love my “why.”  I believe that if you can help people realize THEY CAN do things that sometimes seem scary, impossible, or crazy…..that those realizations filter over into every other aspect of their life.






On Building

Mudder is over.  I have a NEW focus, and it’s sort of fun these past few weeks.

I’m building.

I focused on losing or making myself less for a long ass time.  Blech.  I’m even sick of talking about it I’ve written about it so much.  It was sad days then.  Like, shit, can I eat that?  Should I eat that?  I want to eat that but can’t eat that.  So I don’t eat that, so I’ll think about it all week, and then eat it x 60 at some point on the weekend, feel like shitty ick about myself, rinse, and repeat.  Oh, and I will still keep my workouts on point.  Oh, and that x 60 binge?  Yep, I’ll pay penance for that in a workout.

Not the way to go folks.

If you find yourself in that no fun cycle, get off that ride immediately.

I got off that ride, and it has helped me so much.  Anyway, I’m off topic.

Mudder’s over.  Time to build…….

I’m building my ability to do MORE.

I’m building my kettlebell skillz.

I’m building my kettlebell endurance.

I’m building my self-discipline with really intentional workouts.

I’m building my awareness of my body and what needs help and what’s smooth sailing, and I’m RESPECTING what it tells me.

I’m building my strength.

I’m building my muscles.

I’m building my ability to get comfortable with being uncomfortable…..without having freak outs.

You know what’s really awesome?

There is not ONE thing in my list that has to do with “less.”  Like, less food, or getting smaller, or being on a diet, or any of that crazy.

You know what else?  I’m on SUCH a good level with food.  Because I’m not comparing to what I used to be, or what so and so looks like.  I’m not trying to get smaller.  I’m actually happily NAILING “moderation.”  Who am I?

I will share a tiny little bit of my shift in thinking here.

When I actually sat down with a quiet mind and thought about what I actually WANTED, I realized something.  I WANT to get balls strong with my kettlebell game.  I want to get that RKC.  I want to really build my kettlebell skills and get super-duper strong and learn how to respect my body and not over train.  I want to eat the most I can, and do the least amount of work I can in the gym, while having fun, enjoying my workouts, being on a great relationship with food, and having a healthy body that moves well and without pain or limitation, and still maintain or BUILD where I’m at….

I’ve wanted those things for a long, long, long time.


Do you see the problem?  I was performing to be “less” when I really wanted to be “more.”  Major disconnect!


But when I started training like I was on the “more” train, and actually started eating like I was on the “more” train……uh….I started killing my workouts.  And I’m looking forward to them!  I’ve written my own training plan (hopefully it’s legit), and as I’m going through it, I’m tweaking things as needed.  I have a four (five if I have the energy/recovery dialed in) training day schedule every 6-9 days…depending on what kind of work I get in instructing class and personal training sessions.  My other considerations that determine my training frequency are overall energy levels, stress, sleep and if my body just needs to move or just needs a break.

How does this relate to you?

Well, maybe it doesn’t, and that’s ok.  Or, maybe you have found yourself in this rat race of trying to lose the last couple pounds, or trying to lean up, or trying to fit into a certain pair of jeans for awhile, or for a class reunion, or whatevs.  If this describes you, maybe it’s time to NOT focus on the “less” part for awhile.  Maybe it’s time to focus on building your skills, your strength, your mobility, your endurance, or whatever it is that you are after, and drop “less” to the wayside.

What I’d encourage you to do (and I can’t believe it’s taken me THIS long to do this, even after all I preach about on my little bloggy blog), is take a bit and sit quietly and actually think about what you WANT.  Or even take a week or so to reflect on what you want.  Like, what you REALLY want, not what sounds cool, or looks cool, or your friends are doing, or what your spouse wants you to do….but what YOU want to do.  Then, spend some more time reflecting on what you are doing right now, or what you have been doing as you think you are going after what you want.  Do what you want and what you are doing match up?  If not, there’s your disconnect….make both match.  If they do match up….BOOM, you have hit your sweet spot!

Sometimes, taking time to pause and reflect and not RUSH things are so vital.  Things can get emotional sometimes, and those emotions can tend to cast a shadow over things in a way that don’t allow you to see that what you do competes with what you want to do.  Try sitting back and reflecting for a bit, and figure out WHERE YOU WANT TO GO (Point B), and where you are (Point A), and then make the path from A to B and make sure your daily habits align.   This is true for nearly anything in life, not just food or fitness.  It’s so simple, but definitely not always easy.




Training Log: I heart Sunday sessions

My absolute FAVORITE day to train is Sunday morning.  It’s quiet.  It’s sort of the start to the new week, but the close of the old one.  And, I’ve usually had time to sit and chillax with a cup (er, two) of coffee PLUS breakfast before training.

Except this one.  No breakfast yet, and no coffee either, so I had to double fist my training session with a jug of water and a mug of STRONG coffee.  Maybe not the best idea, but it did the trick today.

Today was endurance-ish for me, with strength mixed in.  Because, duh, I like strength.

I generally warm-up with some random foam rolling if necessary (and by foam rolling, I mean prolonging my workout), and then get on with it and do some get-ups.  Today was no different, and I did just that.  Here’s the first set of my get-ups, 1 on either side, with the 16kg:

I did three sets total.  I like to start this way because I’m moving slow and steady through pretty much all planes of motion.  I’m also working on getting my planted hand on the ground a hair in FRONT of me instead of behind in that little windmill move.  Then, time for stretching out the shoulders really well, and the hips/backside.  Plus I’ve added in soft rolling, bird dogs, and legs TOGETHER goblet squats because I’m trying to just build up my strength a little differently in my legs since I’ve had a few random weird things happening.

Once this is all done, the rest of circuit style workout was……

Two Hand Swings w/ 24kg bell x 20

Then, these pullups (and I tried an un-assisted one and wasn’t REALLY prepared for it):

Moved on to Transfer Swings w/ 20kg bell x 10ish

Then, these Single Leg Deads w/ 16kg….loading on the opposite side is REALLY a struggle with me, so these show up a TON in my training program:

One Hand Swings w/ 20kg x 10 + 10

Then, these Clean & Presses w/ 18kg:

I went through this circuit three times before moving on to snatch technique work….which I didn’t film because my phone was full (and watching snatch reps is a little boring).  I basically did this:

1 swing, 1 snatch x 5/left, repeated on the right.  This is ONE round, I did five.

Then….set a timer for 10 minutes and practiced getting as many snatches as I could on the left that felt AWESOME in a row, and then did the same amount on the right.  All this snatch work with the 16kg bell.  So….basically just working on consistent technique.

Because I had a really awesome workout Friday, I knew I was due for a “meh” one.  That happens to me usually.  Like 1 in 8-10 are stellar, 1-2 are terrible, and usually the rest are “meh.”  That seems to be the pattern for me.  “Meh” isn’t bad, it’s just a punch the clock type training day, where you get in, do the work, and get out and get on with your day.  If all were really stellar, would we really appreciate stellar ones anymore?  Prob not ;-)



Originally this was my journey to Tough Mudder…now it's my record of all things fitness and health!


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