​Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard.  Let me help you!

Introducing 20 Under 20

Healthy Meal Ideas In Under 20 Minutes

Are you struggling to prepare meals that are quick, easy, and healthy and don't taste like cardboard?  Are you tired of eating the same old, same old week in and week out? 

Sign up below to get instant access to my 20 meal ideas that take 20 minutes or LESS to prepare.  My meal ideas are quick, easy, HEALTHY, and tasty, and help you re-think about how you prepare food and make your efforts work for you again and again with creative leftovers. 

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Amanda Fisher

Amanda is a full time personal trainer and nutrition coach and a lover of the iron. She loves helping women say buh-bye to dieting, the “shoulds”, and thinking small. She loves helping them say hello to strength training, eating in a way that feels good physically AND mentally, and helps them recognize just how important they really are in this world.

Amanda is a firm believer that the more complicated we make fitness and nutrition, the less likely we are to actually  incorporate it into our busy lives. 


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