I love fitness.  I would call myself a foodie.  I love to cook meals at home for my family, but love a good night out in a restaurant too!   I am a personal trainer, and hold specialty certifications in kettlebells and postnatal fitness.  I also am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified nutrition coach because I am determined to help women trust themselves and their food choices, and not see food as the enemy.

I feel like a BOSS in this picture!

Food and fitness are passions of mine (and also my business), but they are not my entire life.  I hold another couple titles as well – mom, wife, accountant, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, blogger, and the list continues.  I like to think critically, and allllll those roles help me do that.  I am more of a doer than a dreamer.  Guess what?  Food and fitness happen to help me be BETTER at those things, too.

I am a Boss.  A Lady Boss.  A Strong Boss.  A Mom Boss.  A Nurition Boss.  And I want to help YOU Boss Up your life however I can.  Let’s do this!