Do you guys read like I do?  Like……have several books going at one time, reading a few pages from each frequently, depending on your mood?

HA!  Maybe I’m the only one!

Anyways, thought I’d share what I have going on my nightstand at the moment.  Maybe you’re interested, maybe not.

Cliff’s Notes…..not one smutty book here right now, lol.  I’m kind of into a movement, personal development, habit phase again with my reading, lol.

Your Body Is Your Barbell is an AWESOME book I’m reading right now by BJ Gaddour.  I’m a big time follower of BJ Gaddour, he makes interesting points with exercise, blasts straight through to the truth and cuts the BS, but also is awesome at giving amazing ways of approaching things to have a long and healthy life in your body with your strength training.  I am currently using this book right now with my return to strength training after having Maren.  I’m using mostly bodyweight exercises for my first few weeks back into strength training to gauge how my body is feeling, and this book is awesome at giving variations and ideas for designing your workouts based on the biggie movement patterns.  I’d recommend this for anyone wanting to get way more familiar with bodyweight training AND wanting some structure to how they approach workouts with safety and sustainability in mind.

Habitual Strength by Tim Anderson is all about resets (which I love) and creating movement HABITS into your life.  Um, you guys know I love the word habit and how to insert healthy habits into your life, sooooo, it’s probably not a surprise I’m reading this one, right?  Anyways, this book is easy to ready and gives some thought into getting movement habits incorporated into your life.

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman is like blowing my freaking mind right now.  Basically, it’s about restoring your body via natural movement for a long and healthy (and disease free/prevented) life.  And, it’s like not the standard “move more” approach.  It’s basically a way of making you think WAY differently about what kinds of movement our bodies NEED, and identifying what might be missing from your “movement diet.”  Love this one.

The Power Of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr has got me thinking about how I structure my work weeks, and how we structure our family time.  Basically, it’s all about needing to prioritize ALL the things we need to stay engaged, stay fresh, stay rested, stay healthy.  And, it’s more like….work hard, but rest and restore hard, and personal develop hard too so you can come back jacked to work again, and be super freaking engaged.  It’s crazy sorts of interesting.

Not sure if any of these are “your thing”….but I think they are interesting.  I read a few pages from each book when I get the urge, usually maybe 10 pages a day from whatever one seems the most interesting that day.  Keeps me thinking for sure!  And I’m digging books like these right now, so if you have any more for me, pass them my way!


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