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How To Grocery Shop Like A (Mom) Boss

A really awesome question came in a few weeks ago. What does our grocery shopping look like? Where do we shop? How do we buy fresh foods and get them to last? Lots of good questions!

And, that question was actually really timely. I was about to grocery shop. And since, have again, and took notes of how we have been doing this. We have kind of a template it seems, which was super helpful to put together.

We usually do two main grocery shopping trips each month, give or take. We fill in the cracks in between trips if we need to, but to be honest, we are getting this shopping thing down, and try not to do that other than for milk or something like that. We utilize a variety of stores for grocery shopping. We do the Sam’s Club thing, we use a larger grocery store if we are out and about, and we also use the local grocery store. We are lucky to have my father in law raise our beef and pork so those things don’t end up on our shopping list. We also buy eggs from a local Mom Boss in my neck of the woods, and use farmers markets when we can (but….that’s like three months of the year maybe because Minnesota is tricky, lol).

Full confession, I’m not an awesome meal planner. I totally don’t menu plan, but rather have staple things on hand and make things from there. I did menu plan for awhile, and I think I just got so used to creating meals that we just got efficient at shopping.

Need Help With A Healthy Eating Menu?

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Guess what? Grocery shopping is not sexy, BUT. BUT. BUT. We cannot eat the food we don’t have on hand, right? So….it’s a little necessary for most people.

I’m going to lay down some hacks for helping you grocery shop economically AND sanely, so you don’t have to spend hours in the grocery store (unless you want to).

  1. Order your groceries online if possible. This helps you stick to your list and also doesn’t allow you to wander aisles aimlessly and throw stuff in your cart you don’t need!

  2. Include things in your cart that you actually like to eat. Don’t buy stuff you don’t really love just because it is supposedly a health food. Health foods are foods that make YOU feel good and that YOU love to eat.

  3. Take a big pass around the outside edges of the store. Spend the bulk of your budget in the produce, the meat counter (if you don’t know a cool farmer), the freezer section, etc. Wade into the aisles when you need to, but be wary of all the food labels telling you how healthy they are.

  4. Super secret hack that I think everyone who buys those big ass tubs of greens should know…...after you open the container, get a longer life out of those greens by putting a paper towel in the top of the container before you close it up. Keeps the moisture out of your greens so they last LONGER!

    I talk through how we navigate shopping to eat lean AND spend less here:

    Eating healthy gets a bad rap for “being expensive” and for “being complicated.” I call bullshit on both those things. If you struggle with the expense part of it, build yourself a food budget that is realistic and go to town on it. Give it a few months trial run and see how it goes.

    If you struggle with feeling like healthy eating is complicated, I’d love to hook you up. I’ve put together a FREE #20under20 Meal Guide AND Bonus Menu and Shopping List Helper to go with it. I’d love for you to give it whirl and tell me how it works for you!

Recipe: Breakfast Meatballs!

Yeah, I’m not actually sure how many times I can talk about meatballs this week, but what’s one more?

Not gonna lie, I’ve been know to eat straight up regular meatballs and marinara for breakfast.  Because, well, they are good.  And because protein and produce, yo.

A few weeks ago, a lovely Mom Boss in my online Mom Boss strength training group talked about making like six pounds of meatballs.  And #meatballwars was born.  Soon, the group was all talking about making meatballs.  I was getting snaps of meatball prep.  Meatballs were a thing (And why not?  You can make them 800 different ways and they still never suck).

So, I was inspired when I found a breakfast meatball recipe awhile back….and then….lost the recipe, forgot about it, got lazy about making them, etc.

Until I realized I had the big ingredients on hand again that would probably make a decent breakfast meatball – breakfast sausage, a sweet potato, minced garlic, cheese, and red onion.



I don’t really enjoy following recipes, so I winged this one, and I’m glad I did.  I learned some things.

Here’s what I used:

  • Approximately a pound of breakfast sausage
  • Two big spoons full of minced garlic
  • ¾ of a sweet potato/yam, shredded
  • 1 big handful shredded white cheddar
  • ¼ of a red onion, grated (so my husband can’t tell they are in there, lol)

Basically dumped it all in a bowl, and mixed by hand.  Formed into balls, and baked at 375, turning once, after they were brown and crusty on the bottom.

Here they are…..and I tasted tested ASAP, and let me tell you, WINNER.

Breakfast #meatballwars

Breakfast #meatballwars!

Here is what I think is important to know from what I did:

  • I’m happy I shredded the sweet potato so the pieces were small enough to cook in the time it took the meatballs to cook
  • I wish I had used more sweet potato
  • If I knew my husband wasn’t eating these, I’d dice onion instead of grate, and use a ton more
  • Garlic, good!

I have some ideas on how to make different versions for another day……

  • Chicken sausage, roasted red peppers, cheese, and bacon pieces
  • Use a white potato instead of sweet, and add another fun thing like maybe mushrooms
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Consider drizzling a little maple syrup on top of this original recipe

Seriously, yum.  I taste tested today, but am REALLY pumped to eat them for breakfast tomorrow.  Not sure what my sides will be yet, but it won’t matter because the meatballs are awesome.

So anyways, join us for #meatballswars!  What you got, yo?  Drop me a pic of yours on my Facebook page!

How To Eat A Powerful Breakfast Like A Boss

Breakfast is a big deal for me personally.  I’ve learned over the years that I’m a “front loader” with regard to eating.  I eat a big breakfast, I eat a big lunch, and I eat a decent sized second lunch around 2-3PM, and then find myself not so hungry during late afternoon/early evening right now.  Most of my food intake comes early in my day.

On the flip side, some people I know feel better eating breakfast or a first meal a bit later in the day, and they feel best eating more later in the day than earlier.  So if that’s YOUR case, you can still get some mileage out of this post, but you might find yourself pushing “breakfast” until later in the day, right?

I have some quick AND powerful ideas for you to rock your breakfast, help you feel and stay satisfied for hours, AND get a ton of nutrients into your body……like a boss.

I have some criteria for most of my meals.  They HAVE to taste good.  They HAVE to be on the quicker side for prep (most of them anyway, sometimes I like to make something extravagant).  And, they HAVE to have protein and produce.  I’ve come to learn that I look forward to eating like this, and when I like what I eat, AND it makes me feel good….well, I don’t have issues being consistent with my eating, because……..I’m just eating.  It isn’t a choice between “healthy” or “good” or “on plan” or donuts, because, well, they all make their appearance, and I don’t feel like I’m ever missing out on anything

So, let’s get on with it.  This eating a powerful breakfast to feel like a boss focus.

Step One: Protein up.  I like to get between 25-35 grams of protein per meal, and breakfast isn’t an exception.  I also work to get my female nutrition clients here as well.  So, that’s a first.  Easy ways to do it are 2 whole eggs PLUS a slice or two of good quality deli meat diced in, or 3 whole eggs with cheese or extra egg whites, or a “latte” made of milk and protein powder, warmed up, and mixed with my morning coffee.  Of COURSE there are other ways, so work with YOUR favorite protein choices.  Sometimes, I eat meatballs for breakfast from last night’s spaghetti, yo!

Step Two: Produce!  Where is the fresh stuff with vits and minerals on my plate?  For breakfast lately, it’s mostly been fruit, BUT I do squeak in veggies too during the week.  Keep it simple.  Is it produce?  It counts, and go from there.  Don’t over-complicate this, get something fresh on your plate that you like and then #doneisdone.

Step Three: 10 Minutes Or Less Or It Doesn’t Happen.  Yeah, let’s be honest.  I’m not rolling out of bed early to prepare a fancy breakfast.  It’s just not going to happen most days, aside from the odd weekend morning where I do wake up and make a nice breakfast for my family.  If I can’t prepare breakfast in 10 minutes or less, it’s not something that I can sustain.  So I have two choices – use proteins that I can prepare quickly, OR use a protein that is already semi-prepared (last night’s meatballs, for example).

Step Four (optional): Add something fun to your plate.  If you are hungry, you might need to add more than just your protein and produce to your breakfast plate.  For me, this is where I roll the “enjoy my food” factor.  This can be ANYTHING you like.  Sometimes it’s a slice or two of bacon for me, or cream cheese on an english muffin, or half a cornbread muffin broken up in my scrambled eggs and ham.  Heavy cream in my coffee!  Literally ANYTHING that brings the “yo, let’s eat the shiz out of the breakfast” excitement, right?

Here are three recent breakfasts I ate within the past week or so:

eggs + deli ham + half a cornbread muffin broken in, strawberries

eggs + deli ham + half a cornbread muffin broken in, strawberries


hungry pregnant lady breakfast! eggs + english muffin with smear of whipped cream cheese, half an apple


eggs + bacon + apple (most often, I make bacon for the next day as well, so I have it on hand and don’t have to make it each day)


Here are a few ideas that roll off the top of my head that meet these four steps:

  • Two cheese sticks rolled in good quality deli ham or pepper turkey, fresh fruit, a handful of mixed nuts
  • Leftover meatballs and marinara (don’t knock it til you try it!), a handful of pepper and cucumber slices on the side, a slice of toast WITH butter
  • Oatmeal made WITH milk with diced fresh fruit and a few mixed nuts over the top, PLUS two slices of bacon
  • Protein latte (milk + protein powder mixed then warmed) and mixed with your morning coffee, an english muffin with butter or cream cheese, and fresh fruit
  • A cup of full fat or 2% cottage cheese or Greek yogurt (try something for me will you?  A sprinkle of sugar free instant pudding mix in you favorite flavor mixed into your cottage cheese or Greek yogurt), sliced banana or diced apple, and a sprinkle of walnuts

Try any or all of these combos, and please share with me on Facebook what sorts of cool shiz you come up with your own!  Keep it simple, keep it easy, and get some nutrients AND fun in there, and I bet you come up with a way to enjoy your powerful breakfast AND stay full for a while so you don’t have to starve at 9:30AM until lunchtime.

Want to hear my thoughts on whether or not you should force yourself to eat breakfast?  Subscribe to my email list….I’ll be chatting about that in the next few days, and *gasp*……might have some interesting insight for you.

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