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Four Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About Fitness

You know when you stop and reflect a bit on things, and you get clarity?  The saying “hindsight is 20/20” is LEGIT.  I love looking back on things and seeing how I’ve learned and progressed.

Do you ever do that?  Stop for a minute and take in all the lessons you’ve learned?

I tend to do this at the end of a year, as we approach the new year.  Most recently, I went back over my fitness year, and then kept going….the year before that, and the previous year, and the previous, etc.

And I got to thinking about my fitness journey as a whole.  How much it’s changed.  How much I’ve evolved.  And my priorities and needs for fitness change year after year.

And then in the five plus years I’ve been coaching fitness, how much my skills have changed, and how much differently I train clients NOW versus when I first started.

Rooting through all of this, and reflecting on it, I’ve come up with four things I’d go back and tell my younger self about fitness.

These are the biggies.  Four big lessons.  Yup, that’s definitely more fitting….four big lessons.

Wanna reflect with me?

Let’s go!

Fitness in a way that you LIKE, not in a way that you think you SHOULD.

Fitness can be enjoyable.  It can be easy(ish) to incorporate into your life.  The key to fitness is to fitness in a way that feels fun and enjoyable to YOU.  Guess what?  Fitness is miserable if you fitness in a way that you think you SHOULD fitness….and do things that make you “fit” that you actually loathe.

It is 1000 percent ok to spend time finding fitness things that you enjoy.  It is 1000 percent ok to try new fitness things.  It is 1000 percent ok to change your mind about a fitness activity or realize it is no longer serving you and try a new thing.  It is 1000 perfect ok for your fitness journey to ebb and flow, to grow, and to change.

You know why?  Because you grow and change, your life ebbs and flows, and you evolve.  It is sort of expected that your fitness might do the same.

Fitness and health aren’t necessarily synonymous.  

Fitness is basically being able to complete a task, often times….an athletic or physical task.

Health is being disease and injury free.

See?  Not really the same thing.

Can you be both fit and healthy?  Absolutely!  Can you be healthy and not fit?  Yup.  Can you do fitness in a way that isn’t healthy?  Uh, I’ve done it.  So yes, lol.

So, it might make you think twice when you see six pack abs and assume the wearer of them is healthy.  Or….it might make you think twice when you see someone who is struggling with cholesterol but can lift an ass ton of weight.

Things that make you go “hmmmmmm,” right?

Fitness can (and should) be hired out sometimes.

It is absolutely ok to ask for help with your fitness.  Different fitness credentialed  professionals specialize in different things.

If you want to learn how to fitness in a specific way, hire it out to a professional who fitnesses that way.  If you want to train for a specific event, hire it out to a professional qualified to get you there.  If you want to be better at fitness week in and week out, but struggle with motivation or knowing what to do, it’s cool to hire it out!

I’ve hired out my fitness when training for the RKC.  I’ve hired out my fitness when wanting to learn particular skills (barbell lifts, specific conditioning, endurance).  I’ve hired out my fitness when I was so sick of thinking about what to do for my fitness that I just couldn’t take it anymore and just needed someone qualified to tell me how to bring up my weaknesses and what exactly to do in the gym.

Hiring out my fitness has been some of the best money ever spent because it had a direct correlation to improvement in confidence, skill, and knowledge that I continue to use over and over again.

The key is hiring credentialed professionals that fit with YOU to help YOU reach your fitness goals.

Fitness on Youtube and Instagram aren’t the same as fitness in real life.

Another way to say this is….just because you see someone do it on Youtube….doesn’t mean it fits YOU, your needs, your life, your skillset.

Another way to think about this is….are you completing a particular exercise to look cool on Youtube?  Or are you completing a particular exercise because it makes YOU better.

This is perhaps the biggest takeaway for me.  Spending loads of time on movement patterns, timing, coordination, alignment, breathing….has carried me into moving well with almost ANY implement (kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, random objects in nature) AND helped me carry and mother children.

For years I let my ego take over and just try to do cool shit that I saw online.  And couldn’t understand why I hurt, ended up injured, couldn’t actually DO the fitness task, etc.

Fitness is really available everywhere, and if you have the basics under your belt, you are so well off.

And….if you don’t want to hurt all the time, get seriously injured, or get mauled by a barbell, master the basics.

And when you see people online doing a barbell back squat on a bosu ball while juggling a kettlebell, remind yourself that you are on the right side of the emergency room, and that the basics are absolutely A-OK.

Wanna get better at squatting?  Master breathing better and ribs over hips.

Wanna get better at deadlifting a barbell?  Learn how to deadlift a kettlebell.

Wanna get better at Turkish Get-Ups?  Buckle up and be patient.  Lay down on the floor, and start trying to get up without the use of your hands.  Progress from there.

And, want to hear me wax on and on and on about workout dumbassery?  Check out my video on just that.

The best way to learn about fitness and get better at it?  Really…’s just start.  You will evolve over time, and you will learn so many lessons.  Some the hard way, and that’s ok.  But the best thing really is to stop reading tons of fitness shit online, and just take what you know and apply it.  On your own, and with the help of a coach, too, when you need it.

What have YOU learned about fitness?

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Three Ways To Stop Effing Yourself Over Nutritionally This Holiday Season

“The Holidays” are upon us, folks! Cue the twinkling lights, the warm and wintery smells of cinnamon and spice, and visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads.

Or something, lol.

It’s also the time where social media tells us on repeat that the holidays are where people gain 7-10 pounds. Which starts the cycle of fear around food and food choices.

Here, I'm chatting at length about the three biggest nutrition mistakes women make during the holiday season:

Cliff’s notes of the video:

  • We can easily fall into the trap of thinking in scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset about food this time of year (Like, OMG, I’m never going to get another Christmas cookie again, so I better eat ALL of them)

  • We can easily fall into the trap of trying to eat like a bird all week leading up to a holiday party and then binge like crazy after feeling deprived all damn week

  • We can easily center our conversation around food and how we “shouldn’t” eat this or that

It seems, you see, that we are very black and white with eating. This time of year, “the holidays,” you know. But also the rest of the year, too.

We are either “on” or “off” with our eating. We tend not to allow for shades of gray.

Or said another way, we don’t allow for ebbs and flows.

We’ve been fed bullshit for so long on “good” and “bad” foods that we forget that food is fuel, yes, but it’s also enjoyment, and nourishing, and health, and yummy. And there is room for both healthful things lots of the time, and also a balance of treats, too.

There literally isn’t an on or off switch with food or eating. There is just the next meal, the next day, and life always goes on.

With all this being said, I’m going to give you three of my best helpers on nutritionally sabotaging your holiday season, so you DON’T feel like you need to diet or cleanse something come January 1.

  1. Plan to enjoy a few holiday parties and/or meals. Literally, write them down in your calendar or note the meals/parties/dates or whatever where you will have a meal that is based on what you REALLY want to eat. This isn’t a free for all. This is you saying “it’s cool to eat what I want to enjoy right now” and then eating that something. ENJOY that something. Feel no guilt about that something. Just freaking DO it. You are telling yourself that it’s ok to enjoy meals like this sometimes, even if it falls outside of your “normal” and there is no reason to freak out about that.

  2. Stock your fridge with easy, tasty, and quick protein and produce options. I mean, you can’t eat what you don’t have on hand, right? Some go to options might be some greek yogurt, a carton of eggs, some rotisserie chicken from the deli, and some tuna (the new flavor creations are sorta awesome) in a pouch. Snag some easy veggie wins like those bags of snap peas, carrots, broccoli florets, tub of greens, and mini peppers. While you are at it, grab a bag of apples and container of grapes. Right here, you have lots of options and creations for healthy meals that will carry you well during the days and meals that AREN’T party meals.  You know what you are doing here?  You are keeping yourself energized, satisfied, and healthy with these quickie options.  Oh, and SANE, because you don't need to spend tons of time to get them into your mouth!  If you need more meal ideas that are super quick and easy, check out my free meal system

  3. Schedule time each week that isn’t scheduled. Read that again. No one wins when they are committed to stuff every waking minute of the day. I’m going on repeat here, one more time. Schedule time each week that isn’t scheduled. This time if for you to chill the eff out if you need to, or do something spur of the moment that pops up and sounds fun. Literally, it’s YOUR time that isn’t slated for work, for holiday commitments, for kids activities, etc. It’s YOURS to do as you wish. And...I find, this goes a LONG way to helping me stay and feel balanced, and when I feel balanced, I’m not eating myself into oblivion, lol.

Here’s the thing. The internet is full of information, and this post is part of that. The worst thing that one can do is continue to take in MORE information without every applying any of it.

So, you and I, we’re going to change that. Take ONE of my three things and implement today. Implementation is KEY. Always. You cannot know yourself into a successful holiday season where you feel good about how it went. You have to DO, you have to APPLY. So, I’m triple dog daring you to choose ONE of my three tips and own it right now.

And, if you are sitting there spinning your wheels on which is exactly the perfect tip, I’m going to choose for you.

You get #3 - schedule time each week that isn’t scheduled.

Ready, go!

Oh, and if you need help generating 20 meals in under 20 minutes, PERFECT for the busy holiday season, check out my #20Under20 Meal System!

What Does Your Six Week Postpartum Check-Up Really Mean For Your Fitness?

You birthed a baby!  Congratulations!  You’ve made it to six weeks postpartum, and you realize that newborns are wonderful and amazing, and you’ve never loved anything more in your entire life.  And you’ve also realized that you can probably survive ANYTHING if you can survive six weeks with a newborn, lol.  You may be sleeping regularly, and you may be wishing you were sleeping regularly and wondering if that adorable new little human in your life is EVER gonna stay asleep when you need them to.  Either way, you are up to your eyeballs in hormones, dirty diapers, and the fear of getting pregnant again right now, along with love, snuggles, and new smiles, and someone calls you Mom.

And it’s time to go back to your doc to get that magical six week check-up.

At this point, you may feel normal again “down there” or you may feel differently.

At this point, you might be considering taking on some workouts, or you may just be trying to keep your head above water with a brand new baby.  You may feel ready to rip a barbell off the floor right after you check out of the doctor’s office after getting clearance to “ease back in.”

So what does getting clearance from your doc at six weeks postpartum REALLY mean for your fitness?

There’s a lot to discuss here.  So, let’s get to it.

As a post natal fitness specialist, and personal trainer, I have LOTS to say on this topic.  Also, having lived through this twice as a mother who has birthed beautiful humans, I have personal experience as well.

Hopefully your doctor has assessed you for a diastasis, or the separation of the abdominals while growing your babe.  This separation is completely normal, but….you need to know about it, and how to rehab yourself and your core to protect your abdominals from separating further with not-so-awesome exercise choices postpartum, and also from herniating your intestines through that abdominal wall (so sexy, isn’t it).  Your doctor likely will have you lie on your back and and raise your head and feel with his/her fingers for gaps in your abdominal wall from your sternum down towards your pubic bone, and tell you something like “you have a three finger gap at this location” or give you a measurement in centimeters.  Guess what?  Whether or not you birthed vaginally or via C-section, all this stuff matters for you.

What your doctor may not tell you about a diastasis:  Your doctor may not advise you how to begin healing your diastasis OR your doctor may not give you proper exercises to begin healing your diastasis.  Your doctor may not tell you that it’s important to check your diastasis regularly and assess whether or not you feel tension in your abdominals even if you have a diastasis that seems to be improving.  Your doctor may not tell you that it’s important to avoid exercises or activities that put additional pressure or force on your diastasis to aggravate it (planks and push-ups come to mind).

Hopefully your doctor has assessed your vaginal health and healing (especially if you had any tearing during labor).  This may be a quick exam, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for the health of your pelvic organs and their position here as well.  Be detailed with your doctor, and ask him/her to check for any pelvic organ prolapse concerns as well.  Let them know if you are struggling to go #1 and/or #2 at this point.  Also, be sure to see how you are healing if you experienced tearing or anything of that nature.

What your doctor may not tell you about pelvic health:   If you experienced any tearing other than surface tears on the skin, it’s pretty important that you see a professional who specializes in pelvic floor health, because your pelvic floor has trauma and injury and likely needs help returning to top notch functioning to prevent future pelvic floor issues down the road.  There is likely tearing or injury to your perineum, rectum, and other “down there” geography, and those areas need time and attention to begin healing properly.  Your doctor may also not tell you or even check about the status of your pelvic organs and their health/positioning.  It’s important to ask about this yourself, and ask to be checked.  In the event this area is a concern, it’s important to visit a professional who specializes in pelvic floor health to begin healing and/or improving the conditions for pelvic organ prolapse as well.

Your doctor may ask about your mental health.  Be detailed with your doctor about your mental health.  Um, you just went through A LOT, and the health of your baby is top priority on your brain right now.  Guess what?  That’s AWESOME.  Here’s the thing, YOU, YOUR body, and YOUR HORMONES are going through the ringer right now, and YOUR mental health is important too.

What your doctor may not tell you about postpartum mental health:  Build yourself a team of support.  This team will likely be comprised of other moms that are friends and that you can talk candidly with, even if it’s just to drop a few lines via text of “I’m hanging in there, but shit this day is kicking my ass.”  This team will likely include your partner, but guess what?  They go back to work at some point, and then you are flying solo with baby and your emotional rollercoaster.  Also, they sometimes have difficulty understanding the physical and emotional rollercoaster stuff, so while I believe your partner should be on your team, I also feel strongly about having an arsenal of other people in your corner as well.  Breastfeeding?  Get some moms who have breastfed successfully in your corner and who aren’t gonna BS you about how easy it is.  Getting your postpartum tribe together is HUGE for your mental health.  But also recognize that if you need more help than what your tribe can give you, it’s awesome to speak with your doctor about that too!

Your doctor may give you the “all clear” to begin easing back into fitness.  Be detailed with your doctor about what you did before pregnancy and what you did during pregnancy, and what you are hoping to get back to postpartum.  Make sure you doctor KNOWS what you mean when you say “deadlifts” and “barbell squats” and things like that.  When your doctor gives you the “all clear” it absolutely does not mean “do your normal stuff.”  It truthfully means “begin exploring structured movement again at an appropriate pace for YOU.”

What your doctor may not tell you about easing back into fitness:  Returning to fitness as you knew it pre-pregnancy isn’t a smart idea.  To come back safely, we need to consider how your body and moved, changed shape, and gained or lost function in some areas.  This is true for vaginal birth AND C-section birth.  During this period, it’s smart to work with someone who specializes in postnatal fitness for a variety of reasons.  This professional will help you design a workout program that prioritizes your core and pelvic floor health of your postpartum body along with treating YOU as a whole person.  Guess what?  Hormones, lack of sleep, breastfeeding, and getting the hang of life with a newborn are HUGE things, and they ALL impact your fitness (whether or not you want them to).  This professional needs to be knowledgeable in exercise selection and how they impact core and pelvic floor health, and how they help make YOU better for motherhood and for life.  This professional also will refer you to someone who specializes in pelvic health if the need arises.

Here’s the thing.  Your doctor helped YOU during pregnancy and helped you deliver that beautiful new baby.  Your doctor had the overall health of YOU and your babe to care for.  Your doctor can’t be your personal trainer, your pelvic floor professional, AND your support team at home.  We have to advocate for ourselves, here, mamas.  We have to be diligent, ask questions, talk about concerns, so we know WE are getting the care WE need right along with our new babies.

Dear Mama, I know you.  I KNOW how you want to just jump right back in where you left off.  But Mama, I got you, I AM YOU.  It’s time to let your body rehab and heal, and come at it with your WHOLE self in mind.  Remember, just because we are strong enough to do something, doesn’t mean we SHOULD do that something.   Postpartum lasts the rest of your life, and it’s time we give it the attention it deserves.

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