Knowing how to eat can feel practically impossible with all the ‘experts’ out there.  You CAN like how you eat without dieting, extremes, strict rules, or falling off the wagon.

Enter Confidently Consistent Nutrition, my Summer 2017 habit based nutrition course designed to help you rock your consistency game, and feel amazing.

I want to help you try on a few nutrition habits with me this summer, so you can be your own expert on your nutritional choices!

What is Confidently Consistent Nutrition?

Confidently Consistent Nutrition is an eight week habit based nutrition course designed to help you rock your food choices this summer.  During our time together, we will:

– rock four nutrition habits that are perfect for navigating food choices during the summer months

 – be accountable to each other and cheer each other on in my private Facebook group

 – learn how to like (and trust) how we eat

– learn and ask nutrition and mindset questions in a no-judgement environment

Join us, and see why #ConfidentlyConsistentNutrition might just be the thing you are missing!

This course begins June 12th and runs through August 6th.  Deadline to register is June 10th, so get with us stat so you don’t miss out!

Upon registration, you will receive an email from me welcoming you to our tribe!  Then, you will hang tight until June 11th, when you get your course information!

I’m Amanda Fisher, nutrition coach and creator of Confidently Consistent Nutrition.

I did ALL the strict diets and eating drama.  Literally, EVERYTHING out there to try, I did it.  And I can tell you that some things worked….short term.  But it wasn’t until I learned how to make things habit, that things started to stick for me.  Listen, I get it.  It’s sexy to want the next weight loss product or super shake supplement….but it’s just not necessary.  By learning how to incorporate a few key habits into your life, you can really own your food choices, feel good about them AND have your body feel pretty awesome, and you can ditch the food drama and become a confident nutrition boss who doesn’t rely on “experts” because you will be your own expert.



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