Want to learn EXACTLY what you need to know to build a strong, resilient core.....without the BS?

Join #CoreBoss!  

#CoreBoss is a FREE four part video training series that will help you learn EXACTLY what you need to know to build a strong core so you can move through life feeling like the ROCKSTAR that you are!

Allow me to tell you why #CoreBoss

is a big-freaking-deal:

Hi, I'm Amanda Fisher.  I'm a personal trainer, strength and nutrition coach, and have a passion for a no-BS approach to helping women feel comfortable moving their bodies and living inside their bodies.

When we hear the word "core" we picture a women with her shirt pulled up, exposing a six pack, or envision someone lying on the floor completing hundreds of sit-ups.......

.....and this is EXACTLY the problem.  It paints a picture that a six pack is THE SIGN of a healthy core, and that sit-ups are the exercise to get there. 

This BS couldn't be further from the truth.  There is SO MUCH MORE to a healthy, strong, resilient core. 

It is time for you to learn EXACTLY what a core does, how it functions, and how YOU can begin bulletproofing your own core....without the BS of sit-ups and crunches, and faulty information. 

I'm here to help you!​

My FREE four part video series takes place inside my PRIVATE Facebook group.  Via four 60 minute Facebook Live sessions, I help you make sense of your anatomy, assess the health of YOUR core, and help you learn the steps you need to learn to get YOUR core strong, resilient, and help you move and feel like the ROCKSTAR you are!  You can ask questions as we go, and participate the whole way through!  Don't forget to pour yourself your favorite beverage while we meet!

Here's the training line up.......

  • 1/10/18 - 7PM.  Under Pressure....anatomy, pressure systems, how to breath the right way, and how to assess your core.
  • 1/13/18 - 9:30AM.  Are You Aligned?  A deep dive into posture and gait for optimal core health. 
  • 1/15/18 - 7PM.  Let's Train!  Time to learn the biggest bang for your buck core exercises. 
  • 1/17/18 - 7PM.  Apply This To Your Real Life!  Special considerations for females of all stages in life. 

#CoreBoss 2018 is now closed. Sign up below to be notified when it opens again.

Please share this course with your best girlfriend who can't stop doing sit-ups to get a stronger core!


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