Being a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I hear many frustrations from women on the regular about nutrition.  With the internetz and all, we are literally drinking nutrition information out of a fire hose.  There is no shortage of immediately available info, and it’s coming at us faster than we can consume it (or think critically about it).  And credibility of much of it is sketchy at best.  Multiply that times eleventy billion when you break apart different topics – weight loss, fat loss, superfoods, and then alllllll the diets.  SO.MUCH.INFO.

There seem to be three common themes related to all this stuff if I’d have to stop and take a count.

  • I know I just need to get better at not eating (insert carbs, Oreos, sugar, snacks, etc here).
  • I don’t know who to trust, and who is “right.”
  • I feel overwhelmed at the thought of making this fit my lifestyle, instead of just doing it for 12 weeks.


Any of these ringing a bell for you?  I feel like I could probably have raised my hand to every single one of these over the last 10 years, depending on what stage I was in life and how my relationship to food and fitness was (or wasn’t) going.  To be honest, throwing more information at any one of those themes really isn’t helping anyone with anything.

So, I thought I’d give you my best three tips for those times where you are feeling frustrated about your nutrition.  Cool?  Because feeling stuck is no fun.

First things first.  Stop the firehose.  Literally, stop taking in MORE information.  Unsubscribe to things that continuously put knowledge in your face but don’t help you actually IMPLEMENT.  Clear away emails, pages you like on Facebook, and whatnot that are just pushing that info in your face at ALL times.  Stop watching Dr. Oz.  Stop paying attention to if Oprah is eating bread with Weight Watchers again.  Stop listening to the MLM people who are telling you how #blessed they are because they found THE company that has completely changed their health (and the thickness of their wallet).  Stop sharing information on social media when you aren’t sure the credibility of it.  Just stop CONSUMING all the information.  For every piece of good information “out there,” there are hundred not so good ones.

Secondly, focus on inclusion versus exclusion.  Instead of NOT eating things, focus on ADDING things to your nutrition.  For every person who says “I’m going on a 21 day sugar detox” and then binging on sugary shiz on day 22, instead of swearing off sugar, try ADDING something to your meals.  Perhaps you decide that adding a serving of fruit with each meal is what you need.  Perhaps it isn’t even fruit, but it’s a slightly bigger meal for some meals, rounded out well with a good chunk of protein, tons of veggies, and carbs/fruit sprinkled in for good measure.  Focus on ADDITION to your nutrition instead of SUBTRACTION.  Abundance versus scarcity, yo!

Finally, make ONE change and watch the trickle down effect.  Avoid the temptation to change everything, and instead make ONE change.  Think about a thing you could do nutritionally to set yourself up for success AND is something that is relatively easy to implement.  For instance, maybe you notice that you tend to munch all afternoon long because you are hungry.  Perhaps you implement making sure your lunch is super well rounded with protein, veggies, and carbs.  To implement that, maybe you take 10 minutes each night after supper and put together tomorrow’s lunch, taking care to make it enough, make it tasty, and make it balanced nutritionally….to get you from lunch to dinner so you don’t feel the need to snack your way through the afternoon.  JUST DO THAT for a week or two, and watch how that trickles into the rest of your life.  That trickling is actually learning, and learning gives you feedback and shows you what to change NEXT.  A good rule of thumb is to make a change that you can do EVERYDAY for TWO WEEKS, and is almost as easy as remembering to brush your teeth every night.  There is a big difference between “I’m going to prep an awesome lunch for myself every night for the next two weeks” and “I’m going to cut all carbs out of my life for the next 21 days.”  Which do you think will be more successful?

Feeling stuck can feel icky.  BUT, taking an action, instead of wallowing in that icky feeling, will get you moving somewhere.  My coach Jill Coleman calls it “action over anxiety,” and to be honest….it friggin’ works.  As soon as you start taking an action, you get out of that icky feeling place and move on to do something.  And that’s the whole damn point.

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