I was chatting with a brand new nutrition client the other day, and heard the same story from her mouth in the first 10 minutes of conversation that I’ve been part of myself, and have heard from most of my nutrition habit crew that I work with.

Let me set the stage for you:

I ask a few questions of my new clients to get to know them better, and to get to know how they have approached nutrition or nutritional concepts in the past.  And what they are currently doing now in terms of nutrition, and where they’d like to go.

My new (and fabulous, I might add) client, a young and busy mom, had a lot of experience nutritionally in the past few years.  She’d gotten comfortable with eating protein and veggies.  She’d gotten comfortable with building meals and snacks.  She’d done a shake program that yes, focused on shakes and bars, but did ultimately get her eating protein and veggies and recognizing their importance.  And now, she wanted to learn how to eat healthy permanently, and not just for a short time.  She wanted to begin approaching fat loss.  She wanted to know exactly what to eat so she didn’t get the 9AM blood sugar crash that left her with that dreaded shaky feeling that makes you want to eat food, and a LOT of food, simply to just get rid of that yucky shaky feeling.

“But what do I eat?!?!  How do I do this?”  I can sense her frustration.  I’ve been there before myself.

“There is so much information out there, and I just don’t know which path to follow!”  And I nod my head in agreement.  There IS so much information out there.  Who is right?  Do you follow the shake people?  Or do you follow the points people?  Or….do you follow the calories don’t matter, just eat clean people?  Who?

And something really not awesome happens when there are so many choices on who to follow and what information is true.

We follow no one.  We ultimately have lots of ways to know what to do.  We just don’t do them.  We have all the “know” and none of the “do.”

The answer on who to follow by the way, is to begin building your own knowledge and figuring out what works for you (and probably that’s a long ass essay we will save for another day).

So today, I’m going to begin giving you the keys to the fat loss kingdom.  The overall framework, or the FOUNDATION of the kingdom that is fat loss, if you will.  The foundation is the most important, and gets us about 80% of the results we are after.  And this doesn’t include choosing the paint colors or the gutters or the trim you want on that castle, but DOES include the very ground it’s built upon, the castle itself, and the entire support system that holds it together.  The paint colors, the trim, the gutters?  Minutia…..the 20% that maybe matters down the road, but not right now.  The 80%, the big players, the things to build your meals around?  That’s what we’re getting down and dirty with right now.

And really, it breaks down to two very simple things, really, this kingdom foundation.

And I’m turning over the keys TO YOU because I trust you.

I trust that you, like I, loathe the plethora of information that swirls in our heads and around the internet surrounding fat loss.  I trust that you, like I, loathe all the gimmicks and nonsense and products and the throwing away of money at these things.  I trust that you, like I, want to know what’s best for you, and learn how to get there once and for all if you don’t know already.

And so now, I hereby bestow upon you…..the first installment of keys to the fat loss kingdom.

(Imagine me waving my hands around in the air in wild pomp and circumstance as I make a big celebratory deal of handing you a new and shiny key encrusted in diamonds and sparkle, and we unlock the castle door together).

Let me introduce you to……

The King

The King Of Fat Loss is consistent calorie deficit.  Or a really fancy and technical way to say “learning how to eat just the right amount less than what you use each day to live your life.”

Read that again with me please.  Learning how to eat just the right amount less than what you use each day to live your life.

The King Of Fat Loss is not:

  • Eating a thousand calories or less
  • Cutting food groups (although cutting food groups from your life ultimately DOES cut calories)
  • Dying a slow death on the dreadmill to burn off your food choices
  • Wrapping yourself in some plastic wrap concoction that says It Works (but we all know It Friggin’ Doesn’t)
  • Shakes, potions, cleanses, pills (things that cost lots of money but don’t actually do a whole lot)

The King Of Fat Loss is:

  • Knowing how much you need to maintain your current physique and shaving off just enough of your calorie needs on average, and consistently
  • Knowing that overeating isn’t the answer and will lead to fat GAIN (and probably muscle, too, if you are lifting)
  • Knowing that cutting TOO much from our food intake leads to ugliness of cravings and binge cycles (and low energy, low everything, and a bunch of other yuck)
  • Knowing how to Goldilocks your food intake (not too much, not too little but juuuussssttttttt right)
  • Knowing that eating too much chicken for your caloric needs is the same as eating too much cake for your caloric needs….too much of ANY food for your caloric needs is just that, too much

I can already hear you.  You want to know exactly how to do this, don’t you?

So I’m giving you my favorite ways to do this that do not involve counting calories or logging your food into some app that doesn’t tell you anymore than looking in the mirror and paying attention to how your clothes fit.

Because, again, I trust you.  Because I know how it feels to have alllll that info swirling around in my head. Just like my new client a few days ago.  And I want you to have the information to begin making your own game plan.

My favorite ways to goldilocks sustaining a calorie deficit (without actually counting the calories):

  • Eat slowly, and without distraction.  Another way to say this?  Don’t eat in front of the TV.  Or as Geneen Roth says, Don’t Eat And Tweet.
  • Eat until somewhere between satisfied and stuffed, or until 80% full.  Usually, for fat loss, this means you COULD eat more but don’t.
  • Include a ton of whole foods to your daily food choices.  By doing this, you begin limiting the processed and high taste/high calorie ones.
  • Not my favorite way of course, but a truthful and important one.  See less of Mr. Beer and Mrs. Wine.  Booze is fun, of course, but it comes with tons of calories and also tons of  way to make you HUNGRIER (drunken pizzas at 2AM rings a bell for me).  Don’t worry, you can still have some.  SOME.  But not ALL the booze, all the time.

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And next week…..

…..I’m going to introduce you to The Queen.

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