An 8 week nutrition coaching program designed to help women learn exactly how to eat to feel good, look good, and trust themselves and their nutritional choices. 

  • You're tired of starting over with your nutrition and know you are just spinning your wheels because you don't know where to put your focus.
  • You feel helpless around certain foods or food groups and feel like once you start, you just can't seem to stop.
  • You feel like life is a little unfair, and that you can't eat the same things everyone else can, because you know you need to just stay on plan.

Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a foodie, and a lover of healthy habits surrounding food that help you feel awesome, look awesome, and help you feel confident in making your food choices. 

What exactly is Nutrition Boss?

Nutrition Boss is an eight week group online nutrition course to help you learn exactly how YOU need to eat to feel good, look good and learn how to trust yourself making your food choices.  This session runs from September 19 - November 14, 2017.  The deadline to sign up is September 17, 2017 at 11:59PM.

The foundation of Nutrition Boss is built on the "big players" of nutrition - knowing HOW MUCH to eat for your goals, and knowing WHAT KINDS of food to eat to keep you healthy, energetic, lean, AND satisfied.  The best part about Nutrition Boss is that there are no foods that are off limits, there is framework to help you navigate the best choices for YOU! 

So....no more double meal prep because you CAN eat the same meals as your family!  No more "on plan" or "starting Monday" feelings.....we just keep working at this each day without the "on" and "off" switch.  And, no more feeling powerless around foods, because we are working on our mindset surrounding food, and how to navigate situations such as the Oreos in the pantry, and the appetizer basket at dinner. 

This specific session will be open to only 30 women. Registration closes at 11:59PM on September 17 and #NutritionBoss will not open again until 2018.

How exactly does Nutrition Boss work?

* You receive membership to our Facebook group classroom learning environment

* You complete weekly assignments with customized guidance on how to modify or elevate your assignment based on YOUR needs and goals

* You participate in weekly group challenges on wellness topics outside of nutrition to help you work on navigating YOUR sweet spot between mindset and overall wellness

* You have access to your teammates and your coach inside this group when you have a win to share, a struggle to navigate, and a high five to give

* You have access to weekly Facebook Live video check-ins where you can get the support you need to keep consistent, and keep after your goals

What Nutrition Boss Isn't

Nutrition Boss is absolutely not a cookie cutter meal plan or a diet. 

While this coaching portion of Nutrition Boss does have an end point (eight weeks), you will be able to take what you have learned during our time together and use it for the rest of your life. 

Nutrition Boss does not include approved food lists, or specific calorie targets, but provides the foundation and framework for YOU to know exactly how to navigate those things yourself. 

Please do not sign up for Nutrition Boss if you are just trying to look good for your class reunion, or lose 20 pounds ASAP, because this course isn't for you.  We want you feeling good about your food choices for the marathon (the rest of your life), not the sprint (next 6 weeks only).

How do I know if Nutrition Boss is for me?

  - Nutrition Boss is for you if you are ready to BOSS UP and TAKE CHARGE of your nutrition.

 - Nutrition Boss is for you if you are ready to spend your energy on the two big rocks of nutrition that carry the most weight (pun definitely intended).

 - Nutrition Boss is for you if you need to learn how to make changes when YOU need to, for YOUR goals.

 - Nutrition Boss is for you if you are ready to be done with the "starting over on Monday" mindset.

Amanda Fisher
Creator of Nutrition Boss

About Amanda

I am a full time personal trainer and nutrition coach and a lover of the iron. I love helping women say buh-bye to dieting, the “shoulds”, and thinking small. I love helping them say hello to strength training, eating in a way that feels good physically AND mentally, and recognizing just how important they really are in this world.


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