Hey Mama... want to FINALLY get consistent with your workouts?

(and get #MomBoss Strong in the process?)

Let me tell you why #MomBoss, my eight week minimalist muscle program for busy mamas, is the best tool in the toolbox for you!

Look, mama, you are BUSY.  I get it.  I created #MomBoss with busy mamas like you in mind.  Those who want to cut through the fluffy dance around, choreographed "just push play" workouts, and get strong for REAL life, the one where they carry and chase kids AND get used as a human jungle gym all day long. 

#MomBoss will help you be stronger so you can ROCK YOUR LIFE, mama!  Because every exercise in every #MomBoss workout mimics mom life!

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#MomBoss Is For You If...

  • You are a mama at least six months postpartum (and further....like 25 years, mama!) or you are looking to become pregnant and want to get #MomBoss strong in preparation for pregnancy and mom life
  • You want to actually get consistent with your workout program, and can commit to four 25 minute sessions per week for eight weeks
  • You want to put yourself on your to-do list, and have something that is JUST yours in your life, to help you connect with your body and make YOU better
  • You have access to a gym OR some space in your home with a few dumbbells or kettlebells (generally a heavier few and a lighter few)
  • You want to challenge yourself to move better and gain strength through serious strength training (and not the Easter egg colored free weights so often marketed to mamas)

#MomBoss Is Not For You If...

  • You are currently pregnant, or less than six months postpartum
  • You don't enjoy following a structured strength training program
  • You struggle to self motivate to workout on your own without a coach (this isn't a coached program)
  • You want to continue dancing around in your living room to choreographed fluff workouts, or want to use cute workouts from Pinterest that may or may not make you stronger

Get #MomBoss Strong! Here is what YOU can expect from #MomBoss!

Progressive Programming

In Phase 1 (first four weeks), you set the stage and build the foundation  In Phase 2 (final four weeks), you up the ante and challenge yourself!

Total Body Workouts

Every workout in #MomBoss works your ENTIRE body.  Better yet, it works your ENTIRE BODY in movements you find yourself in everyday in motherhood.

Time Efficient

Hey, mama, you are busy!  These workouts are 25 minutes OR LESS!  In 100 minutes (four workout sessions per week) or LESS, you get results!

Expert Guidance

Every workout comes with a how-to video to coach you through your workouts!  These are designed to get you up and lifting QUICK into your #MomBoss program

Mom Mobility

#MomBoss comes with two short mobility and stretching videos to use before and after workouts, AND on off days, to help you move BETTER

Real Talk

The #MomBoss manual comes with REAL guidance - on nutrition, sleep, Mom Bod conversations on core and pelvic floor, so you can focus on getting BETTER and not at being PERFECT

Get instant access to #MomBoss now!

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"As a chiropractor, I love the #MomBoss program because it helps keep my core in shape, complements how the body should move, and Amanda puts focus on ideal posture.  As a mom, I love #MomBoss because the workouts are designed to be short, concise and to the point.  A lot of hard work is done in a short amount of time which fits in a busy schedule!"

Dr. Heather Giesen, Giesen Family Chiropractic

"The #MomBoss program consists of a series of solid workouts, and each workout hits all the major movements you want to cover in a total body workout.  The added bonus is that each workout is extremely time efficient.  Short, sweet, and highly effective! 

Jen Carpenter, Personal Trainer and Running Coach

What you get from #MomBoss...

#MomBoss is an eight week minimalist strength training program that is do-it-yourself from the #MomBoss manual and accompanying videos. 

You get four workouts per week (25 minutes or less per workout), and you can expect to gain real life strength and mobility to help you rock your life #momlife.  #MomBoss will make your life EASIER by getting you stronger and more resilient. 

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What equipment do I need for #MomBoss?

You need access to free weights for #MomBoss.  These can be dumbbells or kettlebells, and ideally you have one or two that are heavier and one or two that are lighter.  ​

What if I have bad knees or other "stuff"?  Can I still do #MomBoss?

You know your body better than I do.  This might be a better question for your health care professional.  #MomBoss workouts contain multi-joint exercises.  This program contains plenty of squats, presses, swings, bridges, deadlifts, and other movements that touch every area of your body.  There are some modifications included, but it would be impossible to predict EVERY modification for this program for every person on the planet.  Please listen to YOUR body, and respect what it needs.

Is there any coaching that goes along with #MomBoss?

There is not. This program is a DIY. It’s a practice in YOU learning your body, listening to it and implementing workouts that will challenge it to change. The fact that it’s DIY also means that I have tried my best to think of every single little thing that might come up for you while doing #MomBoss, and added it to the manual. However, there is no ongoing coaching access to me, but the value of the program ($1000) is literally multiple times the price ($47).

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