Limited Openings!  My VIP coaching is for women who want to ditch obsessiveness and counting, and just feel AWESOME in the gym and in real life.  I want to help you find YOUR healthy balance between workouts and nutrition, and help you integrate them so they allow you to rock your life and not compete with it!

You and I work together 1:1 for a minimum of 12 weeks, focusing on your goals, and building a completely customized approach to strength training and nutrition that helps you focus on your life, not BE your life, mmmmkay?  We’ll need to take into account your history with strength training and nutrition, as well as your lifestyle, your mindset, and how you learn and grow.

We’ll be having a one on one session every other week to deep dive into progress, and you will have around the clock access to me via email for troubleshooting on the fly.

Sound good?  Let’s get in touch!