“The Holidays” are upon us, folks! Cue the twinkling lights, the warm and wintery smells of cinnamon and spice, and visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads.

Or something, lol.

It’s also the time where social media tells us on repeat that the holidays are where people gain 7-10 pounds. Which starts the cycle of fear around food and food choices.

Here, I'm chatting at length about the three biggest nutrition mistakes women make during the holiday season:

Cliff’s notes of the video:

  • We can easily fall into the trap of thinking in scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset about food this time of year (Like, OMG, I’m never going to get another Christmas cookie again, so I better eat ALL of them)

  • We can easily fall into the trap of trying to eat like a bird all week leading up to a holiday party and then binge like crazy after feeling deprived all damn week

  • We can easily center our conversation around food and how we “shouldn’t” eat this or that

It seems, you see, that we are very black and white with eating. This time of year, “the holidays,” you know. But also the rest of the year, too.

We are either “on” or “off” with our eating. We tend not to allow for shades of gray.

Or said another way, we don’t allow for ebbs and flows.

We’ve been fed bullshit for so long on “good” and “bad” foods that we forget that food is fuel, yes, but it’s also enjoyment, and nourishing, and health, and yummy. And there is room for both healthful things lots of the time, and also a balance of treats, too.

There literally isn’t an on or off switch with food or eating. There is just the next meal, the next day, and life always goes on.

With all this being said, I’m going to give you three of my best helpers on nutritionally sabotaging your holiday season, so you DON’T feel like you need to diet or cleanse something come January 1.

  1. Plan to enjoy a few holiday parties and/or meals. Literally, write them down in your calendar or note the meals/parties/dates or whatever where you will have a meal that is based on what you REALLY want to eat. This isn’t a free for all. This is you saying “it’s cool to eat what I want to enjoy right now” and then eating that something. ENJOY that something. Feel no guilt about that something. Just freaking DO it. You are telling yourself that it’s ok to enjoy meals like this sometimes, even if it falls outside of your “normal” and there is no reason to freak out about that.

  2. Stock your fridge with easy, tasty, and quick protein and produce options. I mean, you can’t eat what you don’t have on hand, right? Some go to options might be some greek yogurt, a carton of eggs, some rotisserie chicken from the deli, and some tuna (the new flavor creations are sorta awesome) in a pouch. Snag some easy veggie wins like those bags of snap peas, carrots, broccoli florets, tub of greens, and mini peppers. While you are at it, grab a bag of apples and container of grapes. Right here, you have lots of options and creations for healthy meals that will carry you well during the days and meals that AREN’T party meals.  You know what you are doing here?  You are keeping yourself energized, satisfied, and healthy with these quickie options.  Oh, and SANE, because you don't need to spend tons of time to get them into your mouth!  If you need more meal ideas that are super quick and easy, check out my free meal system

  3. Schedule time each week that isn’t scheduled. Read that again. No one wins when they are committed to stuff every waking minute of the day. I’m going on repeat here, one more time. Schedule time each week that isn’t scheduled. This time if for you to chill the eff out if you need to, or do something spur of the moment that pops up and sounds fun. Literally, it’s YOUR time that isn’t slated for work, for holiday commitments, for kids activities, etc. It’s YOURS to do as you wish. And...I find, this goes a LONG way to helping me stay and feel balanced, and when I feel balanced, I’m not eating myself into oblivion, lol.

Here’s the thing. The internet is full of information, and this post is part of that. The worst thing that one can do is continue to take in MORE information without every applying any of it.

So, you and I, we’re going to change that. Take ONE of my three things and implement today. Implementation is KEY. Always. You cannot know yourself into a successful holiday season where you feel good about how it went. You have to DO, you have to APPLY. So, I’m triple dog daring you to choose ONE of my three tips and own it right now.

And, if you are sitting there spinning your wheels on which is exactly the perfect tip, I’m going to choose for you.

You get #3 - schedule time each week that isn’t scheduled.

Ready, go!

Oh, and if you need help generating 20 meals in under 20 minutes, PERFECT for the busy holiday season, check out my #20Under20 Meal System!

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