You know when you stop and reflect a bit on things, and you get clarity?  The saying “hindsight is 20/20” is LEGIT.  I love looking back on things and seeing how I’ve learned and progressed.

Do you ever do that?  Stop for a minute and take in all the lessons you’ve learned?

I tend to do this at the end of a year, as we approach the new year.  Most recently, I went back over my fitness year, and then kept going….the year before that, and the previous year, and the previous, etc.

And I got to thinking about my fitness journey as a whole.  How much it’s changed.  How much I’ve evolved.  And my priorities and needs for fitness change year after year.

And then in the five plus years I’ve been coaching fitness, how much my skills have changed, and how much differently I train clients NOW versus when I first started.

Rooting through all of this, and reflecting on it, I’ve come up with four things I’d go back and tell my younger self about fitness.

These are the biggies.  Four big lessons.  Yup, that’s definitely more fitting….four big lessons.

Wanna reflect with me?

Let’s go!

Fitness in a way that you LIKE, not in a way that you think you SHOULD.

Fitness can be enjoyable.  It can be easy(ish) to incorporate into your life.  The key to fitness is to fitness in a way that feels fun and enjoyable to YOU.  Guess what?  Fitness is miserable if you fitness in a way that you think you SHOULD fitness….and do things that make you “fit” that you actually loathe.

It is 1000 percent ok to spend time finding fitness things that you enjoy.  It is 1000 percent ok to try new fitness things.  It is 1000 percent ok to change your mind about a fitness activity or realize it is no longer serving you and try a new thing.  It is 1000 perfect ok for your fitness journey to ebb and flow, to grow, and to change.

You know why?  Because you grow and change, your life ebbs and flows, and you evolve.  It is sort of expected that your fitness might do the same.

Fitness and health aren’t necessarily synonymous.  

Fitness is basically being able to complete a task, often times….an athletic or physical task.

Health is being disease and injury free.

See?  Not really the same thing.

Can you be both fit and healthy?  Absolutely!  Can you be healthy and not fit?  Yup.  Can you do fitness in a way that isn’t healthy?  Uh, I’ve done it.  So yes, lol.

So, it might make you think twice when you see six pack abs and assume the wearer of them is healthy.  Or….it might make you think twice when you see someone who is struggling with cholesterol but can lift an ass ton of weight.

Things that make you go “hmmmmmm,” right?

Fitness can (and should) be hired out sometimes.

It is absolutely ok to ask for help with your fitness.  Different fitness credentialed  professionals specialize in different things.

If you want to learn how to fitness in a specific way, hire it out to a professional who fitnesses that way.  If you want to train for a specific event, hire it out to a professional qualified to get you there.  If you want to be better at fitness week in and week out, but struggle with motivation or knowing what to do, it’s cool to hire it out!

I’ve hired out my fitness when training for the RKC.  I’ve hired out my fitness when wanting to learn particular skills (barbell lifts, specific conditioning, endurance).  I’ve hired out my fitness when I was so sick of thinking about what to do for my fitness that I just couldn’t take it anymore and just needed someone qualified to tell me how to bring up my weaknesses and what exactly to do in the gym.

Hiring out my fitness has been some of the best money ever spent because it had a direct correlation to improvement in confidence, skill, and knowledge that I continue to use over and over again.

The key is hiring credentialed professionals that fit with YOU to help YOU reach your fitness goals.

Fitness on Youtube and Instagram aren’t the same as fitness in real life.

Another way to say this is….just because you see someone do it on Youtube….doesn’t mean it fits YOU, your needs, your life, your skillset.

Another way to think about this is….are you completing a particular exercise to look cool on Youtube?  Or are you completing a particular exercise because it makes YOU better.

This is perhaps the biggest takeaway for me.  Spending loads of time on movement patterns, timing, coordination, alignment, breathing….has carried me into moving well with almost ANY implement (kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, random objects in nature) AND helped me carry and mother children.

For years I let my ego take over and just try to do cool shit that I saw online.  And couldn’t understand why I hurt, ended up injured, couldn’t actually DO the fitness task, etc.

Fitness is really available everywhere, and if you have the basics under your belt, you are so well off.

And….if you don’t want to hurt all the time, get seriously injured, or get mauled by a barbell, master the basics.

And when you see people online doing a barbell back squat on a bosu ball while juggling a kettlebell, remind yourself that you are on the right side of the emergency room, and that the basics are absolutely A-OK.

Wanna get better at squatting?  Master breathing better and ribs over hips.

Wanna get better at deadlifting a barbell?  Learn how to deadlift a kettlebell.

Wanna get better at Turkish Get-Ups?  Buckle up and be patient.  Lay down on the floor, and start trying to get up without the use of your hands.  Progress from there.

And, want to hear me wax on and on and on about workout dumbassery?  Check out my video on just that.

The best way to learn about fitness and get better at it?  Really…’s just start.  You will evolve over time, and you will learn so many lessons.  Some the hard way, and that’s ok.  But the best thing really is to stop reading tons of fitness shit online, and just take what you know and apply it.  On your own, and with the help of a coach, too, when you need it.

What have YOU learned about fitness?

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